Finding Your Why In Your Personal Brand

When it comes to personal branding, there are many different directions that you can take. Knowing why you want to create a personal brand will bring clarity to your efforts and help you maintain focus. The first step in building a powerful personal … [Read more...]

Top 3 Tips on How To Get Inspired in Defining Your Personal Brand

As you embark on your personal branding journey, it is helpful to have some people to reference who you admire or can learn from. While not every personal brand will match how you want to portray yourself, you can learn something from every … [Read more...]

Discovering the Personal in Personal Branding

One of the things that can be most challenging about personal branding is that it is so, well, personal. This means that you need to dig deep inside yourself and hold up a mirror to understand who you are and your strengths. Here are two ways you can … [Read more...]

Let Your Brand Do The Work For You

If you want professional career success – whether it is upward mobility, new job opportunities, increased sales, a stronger network – or if you are the product you are marketing – speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs – your personal … [Read more...]

Three Challenges to Overcome in Developing Your Personal Brand

After working with thousands of people on their personal brand, the #1 thing that prevents them from being successful is just not executing. Not doing it. Why don’t they do it? Usually it’s fear, uncertainty, and mindset that hold them back. Here are … [Read more...]

Is Your Personal Branding Mediocre At Best? 3 Tips to Make it Strong!

When it comes to personal branding, especially online branding, many people think that if they don’t have anything terrible pop up, they’re doing an okay job. Honestly, their branding is just mediocre at best. Here are three personal branding tips to … [Read more...]

The Secret to a New You: A Strong Personal Brand

First, the good news - you can change careers or reinvent yourself at any point. In fact, in 2022 alone 4 million people switched jobs each month, yes MONTH! Your key to doing this effectively is a strong personal brand. When changing careers or … [Read more...]

Building Your Know, Like, and Trust of Your Personal Brand

People do business with people and brands that they know, like, and trust. This simple age-old sales principle still drives decisions from the laundry detergent we use, car we drive, insurance agent we sign up with, products we buy online, and … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Get You Started With Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand and the impact that in can have on you professionally is important. Whether you are a public figure, a coach, a consultant, or a business professional, you have a personal brand and now is the time to take charge of it. Here are 5 … [Read more...]

12 Tips for Organizing and Planning Virtual Events

With so many events going virtual a lot of meeting planners and event organizers are now creating virtual events. Here are a few considerations to make your event a huge success. 1. Prep Your Speakers Yesterday I wrote about how to prepare … [Read more...]

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