Is Your Personal Branding Mediocre At Best? 3 Tips to Make it Strong!

Is Your Personal Branding Mediocre At Best? 3 Tips to Make it Strong!

When it comes to personal branding, especially online branding, many people think that if they don’t have anything terrible pop up, they’re doing an okay job. Honestly, their branding is just mediocre at best. Here are three personal branding tips to go from mediocre to strong!


Your goal is to craft an amazing personal brand and online presence that attracts opportunities and makes you desirable.

Be Memorable:

When someone meets you, they can be very interested in you and excited to work with you. However, you can be mediocre or average and make a small impression, or you can create a bad impression. Remember, your goal is to attract someone to you and being memorable can help. A great example of someone who has a great personal brand that is memorable is Bill Nye

Tip: Try to create specific, simple, and consistent branding that is memorable.

Be Authentic:

Your goal is to create a strong positive impression that makes people say “WOW! I would love to work with you!” It may take time to fully get there, but remember, the goal isn’t to avoid mistakes and not have anything terrible – the goal is to be amazing – and you can be! Think of Bill Nye, he started out as an engineer and then decided he wanted to become a comedian. He did this through narrowing in on his strengths and building on his reputation in science. 

Tip: Be real and focused on your strengths. Be sure to infuse your branding with your personality.

A Strong Personal Brand Will:

  • Establish Your Reputation
  • Increases Your Credibility
  • Attracts Opportunities

Be Educated:

When you develop a strong brand, you will start to find opportunities will come to you. People want to buy and be influenced by brands that are credible, experiences, and can highlight their accomplishments. If you are not showcasing your talents and experiences, then you are missing out on opportunities. Again, Bill Nye did not become famous overnight. His success took hard work and through his development of his strong brand “the science guy” he has established multiple business ventures. 

Tip: Try to find unique ways to highlight your talent. Can you write a book? Join a board? Become an industry leader?

Benefits of a Strong Personal Brand

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