Unlocking Your Brand Potential: 3 Compelling Reasons to Start Blogging

3 Compelling Reasons to Start Blogging A blog is an opportunity to create a space where you share thought leadership or longer-form ideas or content with people to build your personal brand. Over 90% of B2B and over 85% of B2C marketers use a blog. … [Read more...]

Building a Strong Personal Brand Online: Crafting a Powerful Website

  Building a Strong Personal Brand Online: Crafting a Powerful Website A professional website is an excellent investment in yourself and your professional reputation. If you really want to build a strong online profile, a website is a must – … [Read more...]

Mastering Instagram: Power Tips for Personal Branding Success

Instagram Personal Brand Success Formula  Instagram is one of the biggest social networks and is owned by Facebook. It is primarily used for sharing images and videos and has high engagement rates.   Instagram is especially powerful if your goal is … [Read more...]

Fostering Connections: Online Community Building for Personal Branding Excellence

Community Building Online for Personal Branding Excellence Community building is a broad term that generally refers to starting conversations and establishing relationships with people online. Regarding personal branding, the idea is to build your … [Read more...]

Leveraging YouTube for Personal Branding

Leveraging YouTube for Personal Branding With 2.6 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site and the second most visited website after Google, its parent company. That means it even ranks higher than Facebook! People … [Read more...]

Crafting Your Digital Identity: Writing Articles Online to Build Your Digital Influence

  Writing Articles Online to Build Your Digital Influence You have developed a personal brand and started to promote yourself online, but you need an outlet for your content. If you have thought leadership content to share but don’t want to … [Read more...]

Benefits of Using Facebook for Personal Branding Success

  How Should You Use Facebook for Personal Brand Success?  Facebook is the biggest social network, with over 3 billion users (roughly 37% of the world’s population).  More people spend more time on Facebook than any other social network. This … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Personal Brand Success Formula

  Why is LinkedIn the best network for personal brand success?  LinkedIn is the biggest and most important professional social network. You can’t afford to ignore it. LinkedIn typically appears at the top of search engine results, and it is … [Read more...]

3 Key Elements to Make Your Personal Brand Memorable

  Memorability is one of the most important aspects of a personal brand. If people can’t remember you or your brand, making an impact won't be easy. Some people think crafting a memorable personal brand is focusing on appearance or a trademark … [Read more...]

4 Building Blocks MADE for Personal Branding

Your building blocks are the foundational elements of your personal brand. They are where you define what you want to communicate. The elements that create strong building blocks are summarized as MADE: Memorable, Authentic, Different, and … [Read more...]

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