5 Tips to Get You Started With Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand and the impact that in can have on you professionally is important. Whether you are a public figure, a coach, a consultant, or a business professional, you have a personal brand and now is the time to take charge of it. Here are 5 … [Read more...]

12 Tips for Organizing and Planning Virtual Events

With so many events going virtual a lot of meeting planners and event organizers are now creating virtual events. Here are a few considerations to make your event a huge success. 1. Prep Your Speakers Yesterday I wrote about how to prepare … [Read more...]

12 Tips for Speaking at Virtual Events

With recent health news more and more events are going virtual. Speaking at a virtual event isn't as simple as an in-person event. There are a number of things to think about to maximize your presentation effectiveness. I've been a speaker at over … [Read more...]

17 Tips to Travel Like a Pro

I travel MANY times a year (more than I can count) and I used to hate it… well, maybe not hate it, but I didn’t love it. I was stressed, disorganized and found travel exhausting. There are a few tricks that I discovered over time that make travel … [Read more...]

Why You Should Ignore the “Next Big Thing” in Social Media

Remember QR codes? Google+? Ello? All of these were “the next big thing in marketing” where marketers started investing their time and $$ in new social networks ahead of user adoption. Marketers seem to believe that there is a first-mover … [Read more...]

Want My Advice? Do This First.

  A lot of social media practitioners, consultants and “social media experts” complain about people constantly asking to “pick their brain”. Most of the posts complain about people asking for free advice and explain in great detail how … [Read more...]

Marketing Strategy: Optimization vs. More

  Many businesses that I work with are looking for strategies to get more traffic, more followers, more likes. They want to grow their footprint and reach more people. One thing to consider is whether or not your time is better spent … [Read more...]

Defensiveness is Killing You

  I’ve been consulting and training companies on social media for 10 years now (time flies!!!). Companies pay me to go in and tell them what they should do to get better results. As an outsider it is really easy to see their mistakes – when … [Read more...]

Want to Grow Your Business? Focus on What Matters.

  I read something yesterday (I’m tired today from 12+ hours of international travel so I can’t tell you where I read it or even who said it) that resonated with me about driving focus in your business. Make a list of 20 things that … [Read more...]

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