4 Elements of the Personal Branding Pyramid

Designing your personal brand focuses on crafting something compelling and desirable. It takes crafting a Personal Brand Statement and then learning how to communicate it effectively so that it makes an impact. You do this through crafting a Personal … [Read more...]

Crafting Your Personal Brand Brilliance: The Power of Your Unique Selling Proposition

You know that you are special and need to stand out among your competitors. It is time to craft your Unique Selling Proposition- USP, and you will specifically stake your claim on how you are different from others. Craft your Unique Selling … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Professional Benefit

In a Professional Statement, one of the essential tools is Your Professional Benefit - or what someone gets from your solution. Why do they care about your solution? How does it benefit them? The professional benefit is the “hook” to what you do – it … [Read more...]

A Guide to Crafting a Specific Professional Solution

One step in crafting your Professional Statement is to have a defined Professional Solution. Your professional solution is the solution that you provide. Here is a guide to help you narrow in on defining your professional solution. Think … [Read more...]

4 Tips to write a Professional Description

A Professional Description is how you explain to people what you do. While this may seem easy, many people get it wrong. They are often too vague, or they are complicated, so people don’t understand what they actually do. Here are 4 tips to write a … [Read more...]

Defining a Personal Brand Statement

P A starting point to launching a powerful personal brand is to step back and define a Personal Brand Statement. Your Personal Brand Statement combines your professional description, solution, benefit, and USP. These elements will be the roadmap … [Read more...]

Connect Personally and Establish Your Brand

People connect with PEOPLE, and building connections with people involves exposing parts of your personal and professional life. One of the best ways to connect with people is through commonalities – which often link back to our personal interests or … [Read more...]

How to Stay Authentic in Defining Your Personality in Branding

As you seek to define yourself, keep in mind that authenticity is a key component of an effective personal brand. Your brand should feel natural to you. Defining your personality is about focusing on the areas of it that you want to bring across with … [Read more...]

Crafting Your Professional Definition

The key to creating a compelling brand that attracts opportunities is to deliberately and specifically define the brand that you want to create. Your professional definition helps you to brainstorm and evaluate your professional strengths and … [Read more...]

Who is the Target? Defining Your Audience

Defining your audience is important. Try asking yourself who is your brand trying to reach? When you start answering that, you may make different choices depending on your desired target. Why defining your target audience is important For example, … [Read more...]

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