How My Online Brand Got Me International Speaking Gigs, Clients, Job Offers, 2 Book Deals and more….

I’ve been thinking about my online brand for a few years now. It started out back in 2007, when I only had a MySpace page (and a pitiful one at that) and I decided that I needed some professional assets to offset the intoxicated party-posts that … [Read more...]

Social Media for Retail Speaker: Trade Show in Dallas on Instagram and Twitter

Last week I was at the Dallas Market Center speaking to Lighting retailers and wholesalers about social media. As a professional social media speaker, I often have the opportunity to speak to different groups about how they can use social media to … [Read more...]

Social Media Speaker: My Presentation for Meeting and Event Professionals at Cincinnati NACE

Last week I had the opportunity to give a presentation at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center on how meeting and event professionals can use social media. The focus of this presentation was on the biggest mistakes that companies make and how to … [Read more...]

$1 for Social Media Training Is Too Good to Be True…. Right? Wrong!

Sometimes it seems virtually impossible to always stay up-to-date with the latest social media tools, strategies, and news articles. That's why Boot Camp Digital created a social media membership program that does all the work for you. Boot Camp … [Read more...]

The #1 Thing You Need to Do for Your Online Personal Brand

Now that Boot Camp Digital launched our new personal branding training course called Launch Yourself, we've been sharing tons of personal branding  tips and resources for our fans and followers. When another professional wants to learn something … [Read more...]

7 Marketing Lessons from Kitchen Nightmares That Every Business Can Learn From

I recently started watching Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey. If you haven't seen the show, chef Ramsey is brought in to help struggling restaurants... he finds the problems and re-launches the restaurants. As I've watched him reposition a … [Read more...]

What NOT to do in Social Media – Amy’s Baking Company

This is just hysterical. It is probably the most entertaining example of social media gone wrong that I have ever seen. The backstory of this is awesomeness is: A few years ago the restaurant owner Amy was featured on a local news site for … [Read more...]

27 Ways to Build a Strong Online Personal Brand

In the Internet age, a powerful personal online brand is a must for speakers, consultants, CEOs, sales representatives, business owners, freelancers and people in transition. Our new personal branding program Launch Yourself: Define, Design and … [Read more...]

Join Me at the YWCA Women of Achievement luncheon May 15!

The YWCA Salute to Career Women of Achievement is an amazing event that was established nearly 25 years ago to promote support of women in the work force. This year I am thrilled to be attending this luncheon on May 15th as one of the guests at the … [Read more...]

Here is How I Respond to People Who Ask Me For Free Advice

If you are an expert and work to build a name for yourself, it is only a matter of time before people start to ask you to "pick your brain" or email you questions.  I wrote a post about it a while ago called "You Can Pick My Brain, Just Not For … [Read more...]

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