Announcing My Latest Book: Visual Social Marketing for Dummies

My newest book, Visual Social Marketing for Dummies published by Wiley is now available on shelves and online! I'm really excited that this book is now finished - it was a long journey. Visual Social Marketing for Dummies is packed with tips, … [Read more...]

Creating a Hashtag for Your Event

Many event planners and organizers ask about creating a hashtag for an event. What is a hashtag? Check out this video to understand what a hashtag is and why you would use one: How do I Create a Hashtag for an Event? To "create" a hashtag you … [Read more...]

Are you prepared for Emergencies?

Today, at 11:30 a friend Facebook chatted me to let me know that she had given a news station my contact information for a story they were doing. A minute later they called asking to come by the office in 15 minutes to do the interview. Not only did … [Read more...]

5 Performance Tips for Speakers that I learned at a Music Festival

A few weeks ago I attended an amazing 3-Day outdoor music festival in Cincinnati called Bunbury. There were 5 different stages and plenty of musicians, some of which I had heard of and others that were completely new to me. Over the course of the … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Mastering your Facebook Marketing

  Being a speaker and trainer of Facebook, many people ask me if their business should have a business account, and how to get noticed more on Facebook.  Today we did a training class on Facebook Marketing 101 (FYI, this training is still … [Read more...]

How Our Body Language Drives Our Success

I'm not a "body language" expert, and would never pretend to be, but I've recently come across some interesting information about body language and how it impacts your success. This morning I came across an interesting article on Body Language and … [Read more...]

7 Tools I use To Stay Efficient, Organized and Productive

I often get asked about how I use different tools and technologies to stay productive and efficient. As a CEO and entrepreneur, things can get overwhelming sometimes. Just staying on top of email is an endless task for me. I wanted to share with … [Read more...]

5 Amazing SlideShows on Social Media

I spent some time digging around SlideShare today and found 3 amazing presentations about social media that I wanted to share. You probably won't have time to digest these all at once - so feel free to bookmark this post. As a side note, … [Read more...]

How My Online Brand Got Me International Speaking Gigs, Clients, Job Offers, 2 Book Deals and more….

I’ve been thinking about my online brand for a few years now. It started out back in 2007, when I only had a MySpace page (and a pitiful one at that) and I decided that I needed some professional assets to offset the intoxicated party-posts that … [Read more...]

Social Media for Retail Speaker: Trade Show in Dallas on Instagram and Twitter

Last week I was at the Dallas Market Center speaking to Lighting retailers and wholesalers about social media. As a professional social media speaker, I often have the opportunity to speak to different groups about how they can use social media to … [Read more...]

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