The Secret to a New You: A Strong Personal Brand

The Secret to a New You: A Strong Personal Brand

First, the good news – you can change careers or reinvent yourself at any point. In fact, in 2022 alone 4 million people switched jobs each month, yes MONTH! Your key to doing this effectively is a strong personal brand.

When changing careers or reinventing yourself, your personal brand is even more important, as you need to start to build a perception of yourself in an area that you may not have a lot of skills or experience in.

How I Changed Careers

I successfully changed careers because of my personal brand. I actually started my career in finance and spent six years in that industry prior to switching to marketing. When I decided to make that switch, I didn’t have much marketing experience – I had worked in marketing for a startup for a few months, but that was it.

I started a social media presence where I shared what I was doing in social media marketing. I updated my LinkedIn profile and optimized it towards marketing including associations I had joined, my marketing blog, etc.

Here is the Secret

What was amazing to me was that because I talked about social media and showed my knowledge and results, it didn’t seem to matter that I wasn’t experienced. My brand did the talking.

When I look at hiring people today, enthusiasm, demonstrated passion and an online presence showing thought leadership and ideas goes a longer way than experience on a résumé. Smart career-changers embed themselves in an industry and connect with leaders and influencers to build their knowledge and reputation.

If you are changing careers, a personal brand can be your best friend. By showing that you have the passion, knowledge, and some experience, you can set yourself apart.

Big Idea: Take a look at your social media presence. Are you representing who you are right now, or are you looking for who you want to be? Set up your brand with your FUTURE goals.


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