5 Tips to Get You Started With Your Personal Brand


Your personal brand and the impact that in can have on you professionally is important. Whether you are a public figure, a coach, a consultant, or a business professional, you have a personal brand and now is the time to take charge of it. Here are 5 tips to get you started with your personal brand.

Be Deliberate

In the age of the internet, your personal brand is more important than ever. There is less separation between personal and professional, public, and private. Your brand is created by everything you do and everything you post, regardless of where you post it. This means that, especially online, it is important to be deliberate.

Do Pre-Work

The idea is to start examining yourself so that you can build on your ideas as you define, design, and deliver your personal brand. Great brands develop through hard work.

Evaluate Yourself

Take time for self-discovery. Think about how to evaluate yourself, how people perceive you, and your strengths to bring to life as you Launch Yourself.

Evaluate Others

Be inspired to look at others in your industry, field, or who you admire so that you can see how smart, successful professionals are crafting personal brands that get results.

Build Character

Start thinking of the look, feel, values, personality, and values of your brand. While there might be many people that do what you do, no one does it like you.

Remember that this isn’t a one-and-done type of project. As you explore yourself and try different things with your brand, you will start to change and refine it. Pay attention to the feedback that you get, and be agile to adapt and incorporate what works (and what doesn’t) into your strategy and execution.


The is taken from an excerpt of “Launch Yourself”, by Krista Neher. For your free action planner and bonus resources, visit www.LaunchYourself.com/book.

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