5 Tips to Get You Started With Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand and the impact that in can have on you professionally is important. Whether you are a public figure, a coach, a consultant, or a business professional, you have a personal brand and now is the time to take charge of it. Here are 5 … [Read more...]

#1 Tip for LinkedIn for Personal Branding

#1 Tip for LinkedIn: Create and share short tip videos to break-through the noise and build a deeper connection with people. These videos are quick, easy and WORK! LinkedIn Videos are Growing FAST! Video is growing quickly on LinkedIn. Videos are … [Read more...]

Hey LinkedIn – You Have a SPAM Problem

LinkedIn has long been (and still is) one of my favorite marketing platforms. As THE leading professional social network, LinkedIn is one of the most important networks for business professionals, sales reps, entrepreneurs and executives. Over the … [Read more...]

Defensiveness is Killing You

  I’ve been consulting and training companies on social media for 10 years now (time flies!!!). Companies pay me to go in and tell them what they should do to get better results. As an outsider it is really easy to see their mistakes – when … [Read more...]

Do You Hate Monday? Do Something Different.

  If you hate Mondays you have the wrong job. When I worked for a big company I dreaded Monday. My coworkers and I would get together Sunday night and watch Grey’s Anatomy and commiserate about the coming week. I had a pretty good … [Read more...]

Celebrity Nude Photos and Your Digital Footprint

I've been reading on Facebook and in the media a lot of different comments and perspectives about the recent leaked celebrity nude photos. The discussion quickly changed from "Exciting Celebrity News Pics" to a dialogue about sexism and violation of … [Read more...]

How Speakers Can Use Infographics

Over the past few years I've been big on visual social marketing (I wrote 2 books on it), and I've recently been experimenting with infographics for uses beyond statistics. Soooo.... I created an infographic to represent my speaking qualifications … [Read more...]

How My Online Brand Got Me International Speaking Gigs, Clients, Job Offers, 2 Book Deals and more….

I’ve been thinking about my online brand for a few years now. It started out back in 2007, when I only had a MySpace page (and a pitiful one at that) and I decided that I needed some professional assets to offset the intoxicated party-posts that … [Read more...]

The #1 Thing You Need to Do for Your Online Personal Brand

Now that Boot Camp Digital launched our new personal branding training course called Launch Yourself, we've been sharing tons of personal branding  tips and resources for our fans and followers. When another professional wants to learn something … [Read more...]

27 Ways to Build a Strong Online Personal Brand

In the Internet age, a powerful personal online brand is a must for speakers, consultants, CEOs, sales representatives, business owners, freelancers and people in transition. Our new personal branding program Launch Yourself: Define, Design and … [Read more...]

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