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Building a Strong Personal Brand Online: Crafting a Powerful Website

  Building a Strong Personal Brand Online: Crafting a Powerful Website A professional website is an excellent investment in yourself and your professional reputation. If you really want to build a strong online profile, a website is a must – … [Read more...]

Mastering Instagram: Power Tips for Personal Branding Success

Instagram Personal Brand Success Formula  Instagram is one of the biggest social networks and is owned by Facebook. It is primarily used for sharing images and videos and has high engagement rates.   Instagram is especially powerful if your goal is … [Read more...]

Leveraging YouTube for Personal Branding

Leveraging YouTube for Personal Branding With 2.6 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site and the second most visited website after Google, its parent company. That means it even ranks higher than Facebook! People … [Read more...]

Crafting Your Digital Identity: Writing Articles Online to Build Your Digital Influence

  Writing Articles Online to Build Your Digital Influence You have developed a personal brand and started to promote yourself online, but you need an outlet for your content. If you have thought leadership content to share but don’t want to … [Read more...]

Benefits of Using Facebook for Personal Branding Success

  How Should You Use Facebook for Personal Brand Success?  Facebook is the biggest social network, with over 3 billion users (roughly 37% of the world’s population).  More people spend more time on Facebook than any other social network. This … [Read more...]

Facebook Across the Globe

I've had the pleasure to speak in Brazil, London and Canada a number of times, and one of the pieces of "homework" that I always do before speaking in a new country is research their social media use. One interesting thing is that while the social … [Read more...]

Setting Goals for your Social Media Strategy

In my presentations, I like to emphasize the importance of setting goals when implementing social media into a business plan.  Have you set goals for your company’s social media strategy plan for 2011?  The year has just begun and it’s not too late … [Read more...]

Speaking to Restaurant Owners: Social Media on the Menu?

At my latest presentation, a few members in the audience were from the restaurant business and made me think about the many implications of social media in this market.  While great food can make a restaurant successful, it isn’t the only ingredient … [Read more...]

Best Buy TwelpForce – Success or Failure?

A few weeks ago I was looking for social media examples from big companies and I came across the Best Buy Twelp Force campaign.  I heard about the campaign originally last year when it was discussed at the Cincinnati Digital Hub Conference.  I wanted … [Read more...]

Why Digital Marketing Requires a Learning Organization

I have been thinking a lot about learning and social media marketing lately (I am working on a series of white papers on this subject with some colleagues from P&G). Today, marketers and ad agencies don't have to stay on top of dramatically … [Read more...]

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