Mastering Instagram: Power Tips for Personal Branding Success

Mastering Instagram Power Tips for Personal Branding

Instagram Personal Brand Success Formula 

Instagram is one of the biggest social networks and is owned by Facebook. It is primarily used for sharing images and videos and has high engagement rates.  

Instagram is especially powerful if your goal is building awareness or increasing reach for your personal brand. People on Instagram love to discover new accounts or images by exploring hashtags or watching videos through Reels, so there are a lot of opportunities to build your reputation easily. 

Instagram is primarily an image platform; however, you can also post short-form videos. To ensure the success of your personal brand on Instagram, you’ll want to have a visual strategy where you share images that your audience is interested in. These could be pictures you take on the go at the office or professional events, for example, or images you create for Instagram, such as pictures with quotes.  

For most personal brands, the critical elements for success on Instagram include: 


  • Add all profile information.
  • Be sure to include a link to your website or LinkedIn in your Instagram profile if you use it professionally.
  • Incorporate your brand building blocks into your profile description to bring your brand and purpose to life.
  • Use keywords in your profile that people might be searching for when discovering new profiles to follow.
  • Make your Instagram profile a “business” account, giving you access to analytics and allowing you to run ads. Unless you are a creator, you should have a business account. 
  • Link your account to your Facebook and Threads profiles to allow cross-posting between platforms. 


  • Connecting Instagram to Facebook and Threads will allow you to connect with your followers and friends on these platforms. 
  • Follow people with shared interests – many will follow you back if you post good content. 
  • Use hashtags in your posts to be discovered by new people and grow your following over time as people seek out others with similar interests. 


  • Aim to post at least once a week and up to a few times daily.
  • Images should be exciting and have a single clear focus. 
  • Stories and Reels are additional opportunities to share interesting and relevant content.
  • Stunning and beautiful imagery does well on Instagram, but images with quotes or text can also work. 
  • Tag accounts and locations to make your posts discoverable.
  • Use hashtags to get more visibility, as many people search Instagram for hashtags. Learn more about how to use hashtags for Instagram.
  • The key to organic brand success is to find relevant opportunities to share interesting moments or stories on Instagram in a natural way.
  • Cross-post your content, especially Reels and Stories to your Facebook account for more reach and engagement. 


  • Follow other accounts, and many will reciprocate.
  • Discover new accounts with an Instagram search or by following people who follow other accounts similar to yours.
  • Like and comment on other photos to build your exposure.
  • Find hashtags to follow and use that are relevant to your target audience.

When you use this formula, your Instagram profile will be optimized for personal branding success! Need help learning how to use Instagram from the basics? Check out this on-demand, online Instagram training!

The information was taken from an excerpt of “Launch Yourself” by Krista Neher. For your free action planner and bonus resources, visit

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