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3 Key Elements to Make Your Personal Brand Memorable

  Memorability is one of the most important aspects of a personal brand. If people can’t remember you or your brand, making an impact won't be easy. Some people think crafting a memorable personal brand is focusing on appearance or a trademark … [Read more...]

4 Building Blocks MADE for Personal Branding

Your building blocks are the foundational elements of your personal brand. They are where you define what you want to communicate. The elements that create strong building blocks are summarized as MADE: Memorable, Authentic, Different, and … [Read more...]

4 Elements of the Personal Branding Pyramid

Designing your personal brand focuses on crafting something compelling and desirable. It takes crafting a Personal Brand Statement and then learning how to communicate it effectively so that it makes an impact. You do this through crafting a Personal … [Read more...]

Crafting Your Personal Brand Brilliance: The Power of Your Unique Selling Proposition

You know that you are special and need to stand out among your competitors. It is time to craft your Unique Selling Proposition- USP, and you will specifically stake your claim on how you are different from others. Craft your Unique Selling … [Read more...]

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