Do You Hate Monday? Do Something Different.

  If you hate Mondays you have the wrong job. When I worked for a big company I dreaded Monday. My coworkers and I would get together Sunday night and watch Grey’s Anatomy and commiserate about the coming week. I had a pretty good … [Read more...]

The Secret to AMAZING Marketing Results

  If you do the same things the same way as your  competitors, you’ll get the same results as them. You don’t get ahead by doing the same thing, the same way as everyone else. How do you get ahead? How do you get amazing … [Read more...]

Join Me at the YWCA Women of Achievement luncheon May 15!

The YWCA Salute to Career Women of Achievement is an amazing event that was established nearly 25 years ago to promote support of women in the work force. This year I am thrilled to be attending this luncheon on May 15th as one of the guests at the … [Read more...]

My Third Book: Visual Social Media Marketing: Harnessing Images, Instagram, Infographics and Pinterest to Grow Your Business Online

Today is finally the day ;-) I am really excited to announce my newest book is NOW AVAILABLE -  Visual Social Media Marketing: Harnessing Images, Instagram, Infographics and Pinterest to Grow Your Business Online. About 6 months ago I started … [Read more...]

What to do AT the Conference: Rocking SXSW and PubCon

In my last post I shared tips about what to do in preparation for a conference.  Planning who to meet, knowing what you want to achieve and doing your research.  In this post I want to focus on things to do at the conference to help you achieve your … [Read more...]

Rocking SXSW and PubCon: How to Get More Out of Conferences

I’m on a plan right now headed to Austin where I will be speaking at SXSW and PubCon South.  As many of you probably know, I’ve been attending conferences around the world for many years now, and I speak at them about 20 times a year. One of the … [Read more...]

Video Didn't Kill the Radio Star, it isn't Desktop vs. Mobile

I recently did a webinar as a part of an advertising agency training program, and I was asked a question that I have heard a number of times - so what will the future hold - mobile web or computer based web. While I may not be the biggest mobile … [Read more...]

Big Announcement: I'm Writing a Text Book on Social Media Marketing!

That’s right!  I wanted you to be among the first to know that I have recently confirmed a contract to work on a text book on social media marketing.  This will likely be one of the first (if not the first) text books released on Social Media … [Read more...]

Best Buy TwelpForce – Success or Failure?

A few weeks ago I was looking for social media examples from big companies and I came across the Best Buy Twelp Force campaign.  I heard about the campaign originally last year when it was discussed at the Cincinnati Digital Hub Conference.  I wanted … [Read more...]

Blogs are Like WalMart and Video Didn't Kill the Radio Star – Traditional Media Reinvention

Last week at ad:tech San Francisco there was a lot of talk about media and the impact that blogs and social media are having on traditional news.  I'm not a news expert, and have never worked in traditional news, but I think that traditional media … [Read more...]

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