My Third Book: Visual Social Media Marketing: Harnessing Images, Instagram, Infographics and Pinterest to Grow Your Business Online

Today is finally the day ;-) I am really excited to announce my newest book is NOW AVAILABLE -  Visual Social Media Marketing: Harnessing Images, Instagram, Infographics and Pinterest to Grow Your Business Online. About 6 months ago I started … [Read more...]

The Art of Enchantment with Guy Kawasaki at #BoldFusion Cincinnati

I've had the opportunity to hear Guy speak a number of times, and was even at a party at his house a few years ago.  This year I had the opportunity to hear him talk about Enchantment at #BoldFusion in Cincinnati.  Enchantment can help businesses and … [Read more...]

70% of CEOs Have Lost Trust In Marketers: What is the Problem and What do We Do About It?

Bryan Eisenberg shared an article today from Marketing Week that claims that 70% of CEOs have lost trust in marketers. The reasons? They can't justify ROI They have “continuously failed” to prove marketing strategies and campaigns delivered … [Read more...]

What we Can Learn from the Chapstick ScrewUp

I was reading about the Chapstick social media fiasco on AdWeek today, and it struck me that there are a number of lessons that we can learn from this kind of mistake. In case you missed it, the short story is: Chapstick posted an add on their … [Read more...]

Are You Giving Your Fans What They Want (what they really, really want)?

Yes, that was a line from the Spice Girls. You are Welcome. One of the biggest challenges for businesses on Facebook (or on any social media channel) is to understand the actual content that will drive fans to engage (step 1) and take action (step … [Read more...]

My Book is Out – Social Media Field Guide

Big News!!!!! I’m excited to announce the release of my new book “Social Media Field Guide” as it hits and will soon hit the shelves at select bookstores! Many of you probably know that I have been working on this book for quite a while … [Read more...]

An Impression is not an Impression Unless it Makes One

This was probably one of the best quotes of ad:tech San Francisco (yes, I know that was a while ago). Marketers have become so obsessed with measuring how many fans (now likes) or followers they have or how many "impressions" their ad makes, and are … [Read more...]

Social Media to Help Find Missing Girl? (I'm on the news!)

Yesterday I had a news crew in my office to talk about how social media might play a role in finding a missing teenager.  You can see the news video below with reporter Joe Webb (be sure to follow him on Twitter). I was really intrigued by this … [Read more...]

Blogs are Like WalMart and Video Didn't Kill the Radio Star – Traditional Media Reinvention

Last week at ad:tech San Francisco there was a lot of talk about media and the impact that blogs and social media are having on traditional news.  I'm not a news expert, and have never worked in traditional news, but I think that traditional media … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing – Just Showing Up Isn't Good Enough Any More

The Early Days of Social Media When social media first began to emerge as a marketing tool, it was relatively easy for brands to break through and connect with consumers. Consumers were curious about why brands were online and what they were talking … [Read more...]

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