4 Steps to Mastering your Facebook Marketing


Being a speaker and trainer of Facebook, many people ask me if their business should have a business account, and how to get noticed more on Facebook.  Today we did a training class on Facebook Marketing 101 (FYI, this training is still available online if you want to check it out) to share why Facebook is so important:

  •  Over 1 billion active users are on Facebook
  • 50% of Facebook users login everyday
  •  Facebook is the fastest growing demographic

With so many people of Facebook everyday, it can also be difficult to generate attention on Facebook and break-through the clutter. With so many businesses now on Facebook fighting for attention, it is harder than ever to get results for your business.. To help master Facebook, follow these four easy steps:

#1. Start by knowing what you want to achieve

When starting your Facebook account, know what you want to achieve first and then work your way up from there.  Start out small and work your way up.  Make a lists of your goals and what you want to achieve.

#2. Create a page

When creating your page, be sure to know the features including; your profile information, your newsfeed, and other icons like pictures and videos.  For a business profile, be sure to have at least three administrators if possible so that information can be updated and added if someone is out of the office.


Be sure to keep putting posts but without being annoying and spend some time making sure that your posts are highly relevant and entertaining.  Know who your audience is and how to target them with content that they are actually interested in.  Be sure to make your posts creative but relevant to drive engagements (clicks, likes, comments, etc). Driving engagement is the key to getting your content seen on Facebook.

#4. Go back and Analyze

Treat your Facebook like your hair, “Rinse and Repeat”  Once you start to see what is working and your audience is building, DO NOT STOP!  Make a new set of goals and see what needs improvement and new ways to target more people.  Even though Facebook might change, the main objective of it will not and if your followers continue to like you then they will keep up with you.

Facebook has the power to influence people more than other social media sites.  Visual aid is a huge factor in grabbing a person’s attention online while skimming through the news feed.  With everyone on Facebook, it is harder to break through but makes it that much more important that your business have a Facebook account.

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