Why Use Social Media to Promote Your Speaking?

Social media can be a very powerful tool for speakers to use to build and promote their speaking careers.  Despite this, many speakers don't fully understand how to use social media to promote their speaking business.  Social media now has mass … [Read more...]

Social Media for Produce Manufacturers – Krista Neher, Social Media Speaker Presents to CPMA

About a month ago I had the opportunity to go to Calgary to speak to the CPMA - The Canadian Produce Manufacturers Association.  My presentation was focused on WHY social media is powerful and HOW organizations are getting results with it. While … [Read more...]

Krista to Speak at Search Engine Strategies and NXNE in Toronto Canada

This upcoming Monday will be the start of an exciting and busy week for CEO of Boot Camp Digital Krista Neher, as she will be flying to Canada to present at the 2012 Search Engine Strategies Conference and the North by Northeast (NXNE) Conference, … [Read more...]

The 2 Minute Social Media Post Rule

The Biggest Problem with Social Media I have said for a while in my training now that the biggest problem with social media is that it is free.  What I mean by this is that brands and businesses vomit content all over the internet, without stopping … [Read more...]

Dasani Facebook App – "Recycle" your Photos and Get a Great Cover Image

  These days it seems like every brand has a Facebook application.... and personally, I find very few of them at all interesting or engaging.  I came across the Dasani photosynthesis application (I think through an ad), and it was one of the … [Read more...]

3 Easy Steps to Building Your Own Brand, Part 2: Building and Monitoring Your Brand

Happy Monday, readers! What better way to start off your week than reading Part 2 of the Building Your Own Brand blog entry!? Here is the rest of the information that I learned from one of Krista's many social media training seminars. Be sure to also … [Read more...]

3 Easy Steps to Building Your Own Brand, Part 1: Defining Your Brand

Because I just started at Boot Camp Digital as the new Marketing Coordinator, this past Monday was my first time sitting in on one of Krista’s social media training lunches. This month’s Lunch and Learn was focused on Building Your Personal … [Read more...]

Marketers: Don't Forget How REAL, NORMAL People Act

I came across a really interesting infographic article this week about how marketers and advertisers differ from the average population.  It probably isn't a surprise that marketers use social media more and are more active on newer sites, but they … [Read more...]

Social Media Presentation: Social Media for the Scientific Community

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to speak at the AOCS (Your Fats and Oils Connection) National Convention in Long Beach California.  Speaking at the AOCS provided me with a unique opportunity to speak to the scientific community (including … [Read more...]

Conference Social Media Speaker Krista Neher to Present at the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo 2012

Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, bestselling author and internationally recognized social media speaker is honored to be presenting on how organizations can innovate and communicate with social media on April 30th 2012 at the 103rd AOCS … [Read more...]

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