5 Amazing SlideShows on Social Media

I spent some time digging around SlideShare today and found 3 amazing presentations about social media that I wanted to share. You probably won’t have time to digest these all at once – so feel free to bookmark this post.

As a side note, SlideShare is an AMAZING marketing tool and a great way to share visual content. If you aren’t using it yet, definitely check it out. I get thousands of views on some of my presentations.

1. 25 Inspiring Quotes from Experts Shaping the Future of Marketing: I love this presentation from HubSpot – you can scroll through it quickly and leave inspired. Wonderful!

2. How to Scale Creative Content Marketing: This post by Lee Odden and TopRank Marketing is a wonderful resource for those who need some inspiration in their content marketing strategy.

3. Principles of a Social Business: This presentation by Olivier Blanchard is full of entertaining images with a great message.

4. Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services Report 2013: This is an insanely detailed overview of 250 social media monitoring and measuring tools. It is a little overwhelming, but lots of great information if you are interested in an overview of the tools.

5. Altimeters Social Media ROI CookBook: Finally, this is a PDF, but a great read – the Altimeter Social Media ROI CookBook. Great resource for anyone interested in social media ROI with lots of data driven insights.

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