How Our Body Language Drives Our Success

I’m not a “body language” expert, and would never pretend to be, but I’ve recently come across some interesting information about body language and how it impacts your success.

This morning I came across an interesting article on Body Language and a few months ago I watched an amazing Ted Talk about the topic (watch it below, it is worth every second). As speakers and business professionals, our body language and confidence is a big part of our success. It dictates how effective we are at conveying messages and how we are perceived by others.

Body Language Worked for Marilyn

I heard a story years ago about Marilyn Monroe. Apparently she could turn her charm on and off with her body language. One moment she would have men and women stopping, staring and swooning, and the next she could walk around relatively unnoticed. The difference wasn’t how she looked, as some might suspect, but it was her body language.

Watch This Ted Talk. Seriously.

The Ted Talk focuses on the impact of powerful body language. Seriously, take some time, watch it and observe your body language. After watching the video I now make more of an effort to use powerful body language before, during and even after business interactions. I also note when my body language becomes less powerful – typically it is in settings where I am uncomfortable.

My “resolution” is to be more aware of my body language and how it impacts me. Watch this and create a plan for yourself to do the same. This is powerful stuff…..

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