Keynote Speaking: Entertainment is Just as Important as Education


I recently gave a social media keynote at a conference and had the opportunity to watch the other keynote speakers. Most of the other speakers were respected industry experts with great knowledge and sound advice.

The problem was that they spent all of their time on their presentation and no time on their delivery.

The slides were perfectly crafted with beautiful charts and they shared interesting, timely and relevant data.

But they were boring!

Looking around the room people had a difficult time paying attention.


The delivery missed the mark. They focused all their time on content and none on delivery. So how can you easily improve delivery? Even if you aren’t an experienced speaker, these 3 tips will help you succeed.

3 Tips to Deliver Your Presentation Like a Pro:

1) Make use of space

Move around the room, or at least move around the stage. This makes you seem comfortable and confident and keeps people paying attention. Plus, if you stand at a podium or near the computer you tend to constantly look at it and not make eye-contact with the audience.

Get out from behind the computer and move!!!

2) Build-In Engagement

People are more interested when they participate. Build participation in to your presentation upfront. Bring someone on stage, ask questions, have them vote…. There are plenty of opportunities to engage people.

Build this into your presentation to keep people paying attention.

3) Add variety into your speaking style

Speed up. S L O W D O W N. Get excited. Be creepily calm. Speak quickly. Emphasize and repeat slowly to make a point. Move a lot. Stand still.

Even great speakers become monotonous after a while because they use the same tone. Mix it up. Especially if you are speaking for over 20 minutes.

Practice parts that you’ll go slow and parts to go fast. Try using different tones of voice to grab attention.

Even if you are a great speaker the same voice gets hard to listen to for long time periods.

The bottom line is if you want to be a great speaker and keep people engaged, focus beyond your presentation and spend as much time (if not more) crafting your delivery.

5 Performance Tips for Speakers that I learned at a Music Festival

5 Performance Tips for Speakers that I learned at a Music FestivalA few weeks ago I attended an amazing 3-Day outdoor music festival in Cincinnati called Bunbury. There were 5 different stages and plenty of musicians, some of which I had heard of and others that were completely new to me.

Over the course of the event, I found that some of the acts that I was really looking forward to were just OK, whereas other bands I had never heard of seemed to suddenly inspire me.

Was it just the music?

No. It was the performance.

Getting up on a stage isn’t just about playing your songs (or giving your speech). It is about connecting with the audience in a meaningful way.

Some bands really stood out because of their performance value. This is a lesson for speakers as well. As speakers we can stand out not just by the quality of our message, but also by the performance and entertainment that we provide.

1. Get the Audience Involved

Some musicians got the audience moving and excited, while others just played their songs. When the audience was involved, the energy and enthusiasm in the crowd made the performance that much better. People like to be engaged in a performance. Find ways to get the audience involved and moving (not just a “raise your hand if….”). Spend time brainstorming ways to engage your audience and have them participate – it will get the audience excited.

2. Go for Shock-Value – do something unexpected

At one point the lead singer of Twenty-One Pilots (one of my new favorite bands) actually climbed the scaffolding of the stage and stood on the top while singing (he probably got in a lot of trouble for it). Everyone was talking about it. Do something a little shocking (but still appropriate, and preferably something that won’t get you in trouble with the event coordinators) to cause people to really pay attention and get the audience buzzing about you.

3. Your energy level matters

One of the other things that really shocked me was how much the energy level of the performer seemed to rub-off on the audience. One big headliner simply played their songs and seemed bored – they got terrible reviews, despite being one of the more popular and anticipated acts. Another lesser-known band brought everything they had to the stage – the singer even did a backflip off of the piano. The crowd went wild the whole time. Energy is contagious.

4. Be Prepared and Know Your Audience

OK, maybe this is obvious, but one singer said “thank you Carolina” (we were in Cincinnati)…… The more prepared you are the better you will be received. If you’ve ever been to a concert, you know that bands often chat with the audience during the show. Those who mentioned local experiences like a popular restaurant or nightlife location that they tried instantly built raport with the audience. Taking time to get to know the audience specifically and building it into your performance adds value.

5. Go Big or Go Home. Be Memorable

A big music festival is a great test of how good a performer is. They really need to stand out when people are seeing 10 shows a day. The best performers went big… one band wore different masks through the show, which kept the audience watching. Another had a really interesting heat-map light show. If you want to be remembered, stand out by doing something different.

3 Tips for Social Media Reputation Management

social-media-keynote-speakerLast week, Krista worked with GE to present at the University of Dayton’s “Campus to Career” special event program for about 200 female students. She gave a really well-received presentation on how to handle your personal and professional reputation online in 2013 – especially now that there are dozens of social networks out there and it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of yourself online.

Krista shared her presentation from the event on SlideShare and it’s embedded below, so be sure to look through it and make sure you’re doing everything you can to appear in the best possible light online. I’ve narrowed down some of the most important things to look out for when it comes to building your brand and managing your reputation online, so check out these tapes and make sure you are making the right choices on social networks!

#1: Google Yourself

In 2013, when you apply for any kind of job or internship, or set up a meeting with an important professional, the first thing they’re going to do is google you – do you know what’s showing up when a search is done for your name? You can control this by creating a LinkedIn and Twitter account, and perhaps a personal website or a blog. The ideal situation when a person googles you is for the first several links they see to be links to pages that you have control over. So make sure you have a solid foundation online that will demonstrate your talents and skills to people who are trying to learn about you.

#2: Assume Everything is Public

There have been too many horror stories to count of people publishing something on a social network about a client, coworker, or company and getting in trouble when it’s discovered. Even if you’re talking about your company and don’t directly mention their name or reference any of their social network accounts, people can always put 2 and 2 together. Everything you post online is public, and people WILL find it. So if you had a bad day at work, or have something to say about an interview you just went into, keep in mind that chances are, recruiters/bosses/companies/clients/colleagues/friends will always see it. Treat everything you post as if every person you know or have any connection to will see it.

#3: Set Expectations with Your Friends

Even if you are careful about what you share and post with the world, you also need to keep an eye on what your friends are sharing about you. If they tag you in a photo or a Facebook status, make sure it’s something that won’t put your professional life in jeopardy. You never know who’s friends with who and who will share what, so if you’re applying for jobs, or just trying to make your personal brand look more professional online, have a talk with your friends about what they’re sharing about you.

Following these 3 tips isn’t going to change everything for you online. It’s just a small step towards building up the right sort of reputation for yourself online. Remember to check out the rest of the presentation and think about what you should keep in mind from now on when you’re thinking about managing your online reputation!

3 Ways Professional Speakers & Meeting Planners Can Use Social Content to Build Their Brand

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 4.17.34 PM

These days, when it comes to social media marketing, it’s all about content. With the amount of people and businesses that are online today, you are
going to have no hope of getting your brand heard unless you post content that is relevant and interesting to your fans and followers.

Creating the right sort of content can be particularly difficult for professional speakers and meeting planners – no matter what kind of conferences you speak at or plan. So since we have plenty of background experience in this area, we’ve put together a few tips for you to keep in mind when it comes to using social media content to grow your brand – turns out content marketing isn’t that hard if you plan out the steps!

#1: Use Descriptive and Visually Appealing Pictures on Your Website and Blog Posts

The way people share your content and information about your website today is through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular networks. And the only way people are drawn to those links is through pictures. When it comes to Pinterest, if someone is going to re-pin one of your articles, they’re going to want to match it up to a picture, and the same goes for Facebook. If you use a memorable image, or have a picture that explains what your article is about (like the one we use here) your content is much more likely to be shared and read – therefore, building up your brand and spreading the word about you!

#2: Engage With People on Visually Focused Sites Like Pinterest and Instagram

It seems like everybody these days is hopping on the Pinterest and Instagram bandwagon. So if you’re going to use these sites to build awareness for your speaking business or your upcoming conference or meeting, you need to build a following. People aren’t just going to follow you naturally… you have to be active on these networks by following, liking, and commenting those people and brands whose interests are similar to yours. Then when you start building your own content, you’re much more likely to have a loyal band of followers who will want to help promote you!

#3: It Should Be All Show and Not So Much Tell

If you want people to know you’re great at what you do, your instinct is probably to probably shout it from the mountaintops (and by mountaintops in this case, we mean Facebook, Twitter, and the like). But people aren’t just going to automatically believe you’re great at what you do. So if you’re a talented speaker and you present at huge conferences across the country, upload photos to your social media channels and your website to prove it – people are going to be much more impressed that way. If you are planning an exciting conference or upcoming meeting, post pictures of ones you’ve planned in the past or of upcoming speakers or presenters! Get people excited by showing them what you do!

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll definitely be off to an incredible start when it comes to using content to build up your brand. But obviously it’s not that easy, and we’d love to help! Check out our social media content marketing training to learn the simple steps to building a results-oriented content marketing plan!


Corporate Business Speaker

Krista Neher – Professional Speaker

Krista Neher is a seasoned professional speaker and an ideal speaker for corporate groups.  Krista has provided corporate training seminars and workshops to marketing departments and as an inspirational speaker on how social media and technology are creating opportunities for businesses.  Krista has given speeches to tens of thousands of people and trained thousands.  She will be easy to work with and will make sure that you have everything you need to make your event a success.

“Krista Neher is in a class on her own in the world of digital marketing and branding. Her innovative thinking and knowledge of current mediums coupled with her marketing background make her an indispensable resource for anyone looking to maintain relevance in today’s atmosphere. I have had the pleasure of attending many of her workshops and look forward to the next one!” – Ben Baker, VP Technology, American Marketing Association


Education + Inspiration = Successful Event

Krista is an ideal corporate speaker because of her professionalism and ability to get companies excited and engaged in the opportunities of social media marketing.  Unlike other speakers who use canned presentations or don’t get the audience engaged, Krista gets audiences interested right from the beginning with innovative, relevant, customized, interesting presentations.

“Krista’s vast knowledge and well-paced presentation make for an excellent learning environment!”

From groups as large as thousands to as small as 20, Krista is able to deliver an educational and inspirational message in an enthusiastic and engaging style.  Your audience will leave excited and educated on social media and technology – Guaranteed!


Experience + Customization = Your Audience is Thrilled!

As a social media speaker Krista has been brought in to speak to groups at Procter and Gamble, the largest advertiser in the US and Euro RSCG, the world’s largest advertising agency according to Ad Age.

Krista will create customized keynote presentations for your group based on your strategic objectives and the audience.  She’ll take the time to understand the needs of your organization to deliver a presentation to remember.

In addition to speaking at your event Krista will attend any social events or mixers happening as a part of the event or meet with your top executives in a more intimate setting.  Meeting organizers – your boss will thank you for bringing in a great speaker that leaves the audience energized.


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