Announcing My Latest Book: Visual Social Marketing for Dummies

My newest book, Visual Social Marketing for Dummies published by Wiley is now available on shelves and online!

I’m really excited that this book is now finished – it was a long journey. Visual Social Marketing for Dummies is packed with tips, tricks and strategies to get more from visual social marketing. To be honest, I learned a lot through the process of writing this book.

I’ve become passionate about the power of visual marketing over the last few years as I’ve seen businesses break-through the clutter of social media by harnessing the power of images.

These days, Visual Social Marketing, or communicating your story visually can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your online marketing. Stunning visuals are a key part of all successful social media campaigns.

This book shows you exactly how to use the key visual social networks to get results.  It covers using images on all of the key visual social networks as well as Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and even infographics.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

The best place to get your copy is amazon – CLICK HERE.

Also, we are giving away a FREE SIGNED COPY of the book – simply leave a comment on the blog post, or share the post with #VSMM to be entered to win!

How I got the Book Deal

One of the thing that a few people have asked me about is how I got the opportunity to write a Dummies book. Believe it or not, they contacted me and asked me to write the book, based on my book Visual Social Media Marketing. This is why I’m such a big proponent of  personal branding and even created a personal branding training program – because the more you showcase your knowledge and share, the more opportunities will come your way.



  1. As someone that is currently studying social media marketing at NKU (not to mention applying concepts of visual marketing at my PR internship), this book seems like it would be a great asset! Can’t wait to read it!

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