Creating a Hashtag for Your Event

Many event planners and organizers ask about creating a hashtag for an event.

What is a hashtag?

Check out this video to understand what a hashtag is and why you would use one:

How do I Create a Hashtag for an Event?

To “create” a hashtag you simply choose something and tell people to use it. There isn’t a hashtag registry or anything. Check that the hashtag isn’t already being used. The easiest way to do this is by searching on Twitter. Hashtags are typically used across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Some Tips for Creating a Great Hashtag:

  • Avoid numbers – they confuse people
  • Choose something obvious
  • Shorter is better
  • Avoid words that are difficult to spell
  • If it is an annual event, there is no need to include the year
  • Remember, people only have 140 characters to use — the hashtag shouldn’t be too long or it will use most of your characters

Don’t Forget to Promote the Hashtag

Hashtags only work if people actually use them. Promote the hashtag:

  • Include it on your website
  • Include it in your social media mentions
  • Share it in pre-event emails
  • Mention it at the event
  • Include it in the event program
  • Put it on the nametags
  • Use it in the slide template


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