4 Building Blocks MADE for Personal Branding

4 Building Blocks MADE for Personal Branding

Your building blocks are the foundational elements of your personal brand. They are where you define what you want to communicate. The elements that create strong building blocks are summarized as MADE: Memorable, Authentic, Different, and Educated.

MADE Building Blocks:

Will people remember you after they meet you? Is your brand singular and simple?

Does your brand match who you really are and come across as genuine?

Is your brand specific and unique? Do you stand out?

Is your brand credible and believable based on your actual background, achievements, etc?

Why is MADE important?

These elements serve two purposes. First, the MADE elements should help you identify what you want to get across with your personal brand. As you execute it, you want to incorporate elements of each MADE category to craft a desirable brand that attracts the opportunities you want.

Second, as you bring your brand to life, these principles will strengthen your execution. Whether you execute your personal brand online or in person, the MADE elements should guide your choices to ensure you craft a memorable brand that connects with people and positions you uniquely and credibly.

These building blocks are based on hundreds of years of branding research about what makes strong brands and are adapted for personal branding.

Action Item:

Apply your brand to MADE. If you answer NO to any of the questions, go back and revisit your brand and see how you can improve your branding.

Need help? Learn how to apply MADE today in the Personal Branding Launch Yourself Master Course.

4 elements of a wow brand

The is taken from an excerpt of “Launch Yourself” by Krista Neher. For your free action planner and bonus resources, visit www.LaunchYourself.com/book.

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