Speakers: Are You Bringing Your Connections Online?

I’ve been in the speaking industry for a few years now and have had the opportunity to attend countless conferences and events and observe many speakers.  Most of the speakers that I see are passionate and knowledgeable, and after hearing them, I want to continue to learn from them.  When I speak, many people who hear me say that “I seem like someone they would want to have a drink with”.

Great speakers are knowledgable experts who drive passion, excitement and enthusiasm with their audiences.

They draw people towards them.

People like them and want to learn more from them.

People want to get to know them better.

Then they finish their presentation, and…… <insert cricket noise>

Invite Your Audience Into Your Online World

Rather than finishing with “thank-you” or trying to sell something, ask people to become your friends online.  Tell them that you still have so much more to share, and would like to have the opportunity to continue to build your relationship with them.

They can continue to receive your tips and message, PLUS they can learn more about you as a person (which builds common ground and makes people like you more).

This is where social media comes in.

Social media is a simple way to continue to build, nurture and grow the relationship.  Rather than ending with “thanks” end by inviting your audience to connect with you.  Invite them to your LinkedIn world, to follow you on Twitter, to Like you on Facebook.

Give them a specific and actionable way to continue to stay connected.


Because Overtime Relationships Have Value

This probably shouldn’t surprise you, but the reality is that when someone hears you speak they are most motivated and excited by your message.  You want to build off of this enthusiasm by inviting them into your world.  You never know how these connections may come back to help you later, or become customers.

Here are some examples:

  • Someone who heard me speak 3 years ago at a small chamber of commerce connected with me on Facebook and saw our upcoming Boot Camps.  Since she followed me on Facebook she saw my updates and our new training programs, and when the time was right she came to our social media boot camp.
  • I got a call a few months ago from someone who heard me speak a year ago inviting me to speak at an event.  She connected with me on LinkedIn after I spoke, which kept me top-of-mind for when she was looking for a speaker for her event.
  • A current client heard me speak at a large event and followed me on Twitter.  She stayed up with my Tweets, and a few months later when her company needed a consultant, she called me.

In all of these instances, social media connections made me easy to reach, and helped me to stay top-of-mind with people who had heard me speak.

Evaluate Your Presentation for Social Media Invitations

You don’t want to be over the top, but build in 2 – 3 casual invitations for contacts to join you on social media.  Include your username to show people exactly how to find you on social channels and ask them to connect.

These connections over time can have tremendous value.



  1. Great advice, Krista. Thank you. I have my website URL and Twitter handle on the bottom of each slide, but closing with an invitation to connect is definitely more actionable.

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