Why You Should Ignore the “Next Big Thing” in Social Media

Remember QR codes? Google+? Ello? All of these were “the next big thing in marketing” where marketers started investing their time and $$ in new social networks ahead of user adoption. Marketers seem to believe that there is a first-mover … [Read more...]

Marketing Strategy: Optimization vs. More

  Many businesses that I work with are looking for strategies to get more traffic, more followers, more likes. They want to grow their footprint and reach more people. One thing to consider is whether or not your time is better spent … [Read more...]

What is the Next Big Thing in Social Media?

  It isn’t a shiny new object. It isn’t the newest social network that social media marketers join in an attempt to get first mover advantage. It isn’t Google+, Ello, Peach or whatever else people are buzzing about. The next big … [Read more...]

Marketers: Don't Forget How REAL, NORMAL People Act

I came across a really interesting infographic article this week about how marketers and advertisers differ from the average population.  It probably isn't a surprise that marketers use social media more and are more active on newer sites, but they … [Read more...]

Stop Vomiting QR Codes at Me

Seriously. They are everywhere. They are annoying (because they are overused and misused). They serve no purpose most of the time. Most people don't know how to use them. Stop vomiting them on everything. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you … [Read more...]

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