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How to save hundreds of hours scheduling meetings

If you are a busy entrepreneur, speaker or consultant you probably spend a ton of your time going back and forth trying to schedule meetings. I used to do that. I spent forever trying to find available time. My email would be overloaded and … [Read more...]

14 Things I Learned in 2014

Soooo.... it's that time of year again.... time to reflect and plan for the year ahead. I used to make (and quickly break) New Year's Resolutions. Now I use the dawn of a new year to reflect back and take some quiet time to plan for the year … [Read more...]

How Sales Automation is Killing Your Business #MarketingTip

First let me say that sales automation isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is a bad thing when used in an annoying way. The idea behind sales automation is that there is a set process for following up with prospects, and rather than having to … [Read more...]

Speakers: Don’t Share Information, Share Stories

I've been speaking to organizations for 5+ years now. Some people think that professional speakers are just people who are naturally talented at speaking and have some sort of a message to share. This may be true for people sharing stories at … [Read more...]

Matter More, Market Less

I read this quote in my Facebook newsfeed today (and apparently credit is due to Nathan Engels for sharing it). As a marketer, it may be surprising that I would share this. Market less. Matter more. With social media, if you create content that … [Read more...]

Celebrity Nude Photos and Your Digital Footprint

I've been reading on Facebook and in the media a lot of different comments and perspectives about the recent leaked celebrity nude photos. The discussion quickly changed from "Exciting Celebrity News Pics" to a dialogue about sexism and violation of … [Read more...]

Social Media isn’t a Magic Bullet

Many of the businesses that I work with, especially small businesses and start-ups think that social media is a magic bullet that will bring them an endless stream of customers. It doesn’t work this way. If it did everyone would be rich and … [Read more...]

How a Real and Proper Vacation can Recharge You (Entrepreneurship)

  I've been running my business, Boot Camp Digital for over 5 years now (where does the time go). I love what I do. I work with great people. I'm always doing something fun and exciting. I look forward to working. That being said, I … [Read more...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About (Aboot) Canadians

Happy Canada Day! As a Canadian living in America, I wanted to clarify some of the things that Americans don't know about Canadians.... Have something to add? Share in the comments. 1) Our Milk Comes in Bags. Yes, it sounds weird and yes, it … [Read more...]

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