How a Real and Proper Vacation can Recharge You (Entrepreneurship)


I’ve been running my business, Boot Camp Digital for over 5 years now (where does the time go). I love what I do. I work with great people. I’m always doing something fun and exciting. I look forward to working.

That being said, I recently found that I was having trouble getting energized about things…. I love my job but I noticed that some of my passion for using social media was disappearing. I rarely posted on Twitter (except to reply to people), I was only checking LinkedIn messages and ignoring groups and I was hardly posting to Facebook even. I think that after 7 years of social media I just kind of burnt out on sharing things on social networks…. I had sort of lost interest. I wasn’t building my personal brand, and I wasn’t passionate about actually using social networks any more. I still loved helping businesses use them, but I just kind of stopped posting myself.

Then I took a vacation.

I went away for over a week (10 days) and only worked for about 3 hours (plus checked emails from my phone when I had a break).

My first day back was a little tough – I didn’t sleep well so I was tired, and spent the entire day responding to emails (BLAH) and reviewing things.

Now, I find myself energized. Excited. Enthusiastic. Working until 9PM checking out some cool tools (which is kindof a good thing because it shows that I am excited about what I’m working on – not that I’m a workaholic)…

I’m re-engaged.

I’m re-energized.

I’m re-excited.

Take a real vacation (even if you love your work).

You may find that it gives you the clarity to recharge and get excited about things that were getting boring.

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