Speakers: Don’t Share Information, Share Stories

I’ve been speaking to organizations for 5+ years now.

Some people think that professional speakers are just people who are naturally talented at speaking and have some sort of a message to share.

This may be true for people sharing stories at local events or participating in panels at conferences.

Professional speaking requires more.

People don’t remember data, they remember stories.

Importantly, turning every aspect of your presentation into a story increases how people respond and how much they remember. Stories connect with people on an emotional level. Once you have the guts of your presentation worked out, consider how you can turn it from information into a story.

For example, I can tell you that older people are now using social media. I could even give you statistics.

Instead, I tell a story (along with a hysterical picture) of how my father joined Facebook even though he still has dial up internet.

People remember the story and are entertained. PLUS they remember the message. Much better than they’d remember a statistic or a chart.

Turn Everything Into a Story

My goal is to turn every aspect of my presentation into a story.

For example, when I introduce myself I don’t just randomly share information about my background, or rhyme off my qualifications.

I tell a story. The story starts with me working at P&G…. I share my journey of how I got to where I am.

People connect with the story.

It resonates with them.

They remember it.

They feel more connected to me and my message.

It is WAY more interesting vs. just talking about myself.

Every Story Should Have A Purpose

The key is to be sure that each story that you share has a purpose. It should build upon your overall message and connect with the audience. It should help them understand WHY your message is important and HOW to implement it.

Storify your message. (Make your message a story).


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