Social Media isn’t a Magic Bullet

Many of the businesses that I work with, especially small businesses and start-ups think that social media is a magic bullet that will bring them an endless stream of customers.

It doesn’t work this way. If it did everyone would be rich and successful. The reality is that social media marketing takes work. It isn’t easy and takes time and resources. Expecting to create social media assets and instantly develop a following isn’t realistic.

Social Media can create breakthrough results when used correctly and with time, money and effort, but it isn’t a magic solution.

Here are the best ways to maximize your social media efforts:

Social Media is Part of an Overall Strategy

Social media should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. It is great at building awareness, relationship building and connecting with communities. But social media isn’t the only tool that can do these things. Your marketing plan should include additional ways (yes, even offline) to achieve these objectives as well.

Social Media Works Best when Connected to Other Marketing

Linking social media to your other marketing is important. In marketing there is something called the Rule of 7 which says that it takes 7 touchpoints to make an impact. This means that you’ll have to see a business, brand or product 7 times before it really makes an impact. This means that you should connect social media to the rest of your marketing in a strategic way.

Everyone in Your Company Should be Involved

It shouldn’t be an isolated team or the job of one individual. The organization should understand social media and the strategic value that it brings. Employees can be advocates and bring more value.

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