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How Treating People Well via Customer Service Grows Your Brand

I just got off of a VERY frustrating phone call with the company that handles insurance for my cell phone company.  I had a number of problems with them, but what really put me over the edge was when I requested to escalate and was told that my call … [Read more...]

Getting Your Social Media Job Ready: College Keynote Presentation

I recently did a presentation at a College about getting your social media profile job ready. This was a great presentation because the students had a lot of questions about how far they should go to "sanitize" their Facebook pages as they transition … [Read more...]

Social Media Real Estate Presentation: Creative Ways to Use Social Media

I've had the opportunity to speak with real estate agents about social media a number of times, and it is one of my favorite topics. Real Estate Agents have tons of opportunity to leverage social media for to grow their business, yet very few are … [Read more...]

Time to Reset and Get Back to What Drives Success: The Compound Effect

On my way to DC to speak to a group on Capitol Hill over the summer I was reading a book called The Compound Effect.  I read lots of different books and usually get a few tips, but this book really struck a chord with me.  There are lots of large, … [Read more...]

Keynote Speaker Checklist: Things to Ask Meeting Planners Before You Present

I have been giving keynote presentations for a few years now, and I've learned that preparation is one of the most important things to being successful at the presentation. Being prepared doesn't just mean having the presentation complete and showing … [Read more...]

Do College Students Give TMI on Social Networks?

I have the pleasure of speaking to a lot of college students about their social networks and social media profiles. Most College students love social media and love sharing information on social networks, but how much is too much? Could you be … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Speaker: It is More than Just Facebook

I speak with a lot of business owners of all sizes about social media marketing, and right now everyone is GaGa over Facebook. The Facebook obsession is understandable - Facebook is the GIANT of social media marketing. With over 750 million people on … [Read more...]

How Big Brands can be More Competitive: Corporate Speaking Presentation

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a Fortune 500 brand team about how they can use social media marketing for their business. The brand that I was speaking with had a smaller budget, and despite being with one of the world's largest … [Read more...]

Social Media College Keynote Presentation: Don't let your Social Network Profiles Haunt Your Job Search

I love speaking to College students about social media because they are such avid users of social networking tools, but they often don't think about the potential consequences of what they post. The reality is that what you post on your Facebook page … [Read more...]

Common Question: When should you post to social media sites?

In my social media presentations, I mention the importance of building a content strategy for your social media marketing plan.  This content generation is how you are going to attract your target audience.  However, another aspect to keep in mind is … [Read more...]

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