Entrepreneur Krista Neher to Speak at NYT Small Business Summit

This upcoming Monday, June 25th, Krista will be heading to the Big Apple to present at the 7th annual New York Times Small Business Summit. This one-day event is an interactive program that gives small business owners the opportunities to both improve their business techniques and strategies, as well as the chance network with other small business owners and successful entrepreneurs from across the country.

After finding success with her social media training company Boot Camp Digital, Krista was very excited to be given the opportunity to present to and communicate with other entrepreneurs from all over the United States.

Krista will be speaking in the first breakout session of the day, in a panel titled “Becoming the Ultimate Productivity Ninja in 3 Easy Steps.” She is teaming up with small business consultant, author, and speaker Marry Moltz and CEO of InfluenceExpansion.com Lena West.

This panel will focus on how small business owners can enhance their productivity and get more done. Attendees can learn about life changing technology and other tips that will help them to maximize every day. As a top-rated international speaker, author, and pioneer in social media and digital marketing, Krista has plenty of advice to share on how technology can enhance productivity. As owning your own business is extremely exhausting, it’s all about getting more done in less time.

According to Krista, “The thing about productivity is that small changes make a big difference. It doesn’t have to be about revamping systems or overhauling your technology. It is about small steps that save you 5 – 10 minutes a day that can add up to thousands of minutes a year.  If we can commit to learning new ways to save small amounts of time consistently, we can see tremendous gains in productivity.”

Krista is an experienced business professional whose main focus is on helping organizations achieve their goals and see greater results with technology and social media. Anyone who is looking to increase their productivity and efficiency will easily benefit from this presentation. Being a busy business owner herself, Krista knows how important productivity is.

“If I lose just 10 minutes a day to a task, that adds up to over an hour a week, and time is money,” according to Krista.

Krista’s presentation will be in the first breakout of The New York Times Small Business Summit on June 25, 2012.  Participants can register for the event online here! Although tickets are $97, you can use our promo code to get 50% off! Just use the code SPKR12, and be sure to find Krista at the Summit!

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