Why Every Conference Should Pay Attention to Social Media

I've worked in social media marketing for many years (including running social media for the largest digital marketing conference), and I speak about social media at over 20 conferences a year, so I have seen a lot in terms of how conferences are … [Read more...]

Social Media Speaker Krista Neher to Share Technology Productivity Tips at TEDxCincinnatiWomen

Krista Neher, social media pioneer, marketing guru and international social media speaker, will be giving a presentation on how to use technology to save time on December 1st 2011 at TedXCincinnatiWomen in Cincinnati, OH. Krista is currently the … [Read more...]

Event Planning with Social Media

Social media is changing event marketing very quickly.  Event marketing is no longer just direct calls, emails, invitations and personal networking.  Social media opens up new opportunities for the event industry that enables meeting planners to … [Read more...]

Social Media Speaker: Connecting Search and Social at PubCon 2011

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to present at PubCon, a leading conference on Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Affiliate marketing. In this presentation I covered how social media sites can be used to help dominate search … [Read more...]

Social Media Speaker Krista Neher Speaking at SES Chicago 2011

Krista Neher, CEO at Boot Camp Digital, will be speaking about social media marketing strategies on November 14 -16 at SES Chicago conference to thousands of leading marketers, search and social media professionals.  Krista is an international social … [Read more...]

College Social Media Speaker: Yes, Employers are Watching you On Social Networks

I get the opportunity to speak to a number of college students about social media, and one of the top topics is always about how your social networks can impact your job prospects. The reality is that employers look to social networks to evaluate … [Read more...]

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Event, Conference or Meeting with Facebook Events

I am a professional business social media speaker and I speak at many events each year.  Some do a great job of leveraging social media, others are still figuring it out. Many event and conference organizers have started exploring the different … [Read more...]

21 Ways Meeting Planners Can Use Social Media to Promote their Event

This post requires no major introduction.  I speak about social media at 30 - 40 events a year and have seen a lot of different ways to leverage social media to promote and event.  Here are 20 simple things that meeting planners, event planners and … [Read more...]

Keeping a Presentation Relevant for All Skill Levels: Social Media Speaking

I regularly speak to groups of all sizes and knowledge levels about social media marketing, and one of the biggest challenges is keeping a presentation relevant to those who are new to social media, while creating value for those who are already … [Read more...]

How to Get More Tweets When You Speak

I speak at a lot of conferences each year and in addition to my own presentations I have the opportunity to see a lot of different speakers.  One of the things that many speakers want is to get more social mentions when they speak - more Tweets, Blog … [Read more...]

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