Krista to Speak at Search Engine Strategies and NXNE in Toronto Canada

This upcoming Monday will be the start of an exciting and busy week for CEO of Boot Camp Digital Krista Neher, as she will be flying to Canada to present at the 2012 Search Engine Strategies Conference and the North by Northeast (NXNE) Conference, both in Toronto.

As an internationally-recognized professional social media speaker, Krista was asked to present at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Toronto on June 11 and 12. The SES Conference is an educational convention for today’s most experienced and successful marketing and advertising professionals. SES Toronto will have plenty of informational sessions. Topics include:

  • keyword research
  • SEO
  • social media
  • mobile marketing
  • site optimization
  • high-level strategy
Krista will be speaking about “Social Media Solutions on a Budget” with Danny Iny, co-founder of Firepole Marketing. As CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a company that provides social media training, Krista is an expert when it comes to using social media to drive profit, spread awareness, and increase results for your business.
According to Krista, “Social media marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune in time or money to be effective… It primarily requires creativity.  My presentation will focus on creative and lesser known social media tools that can drive big results, as well as how to manage resources for ROI in social media.”
On June 13th, Krista will be presenting at NXNE, a 5-day music, film, and interactive festival and conference that occurs every June in Toronto. Krista will focus on social media analytics in a session called “Influence? vs. Influence!: What Influence Really Means and How to Find it.” Krista gave a similar presentation in 2011 at South by Southwest (SXSW), and due to the popularity of the presentation, she was asked to give a more advanced and up-to-date discussion of the topic at NXNE. Krista will discuss what is important to focus on when it comes to defining and engaging with influencers.
“Just because an individual has a lot of followers, doesn’t mean that they are the right person to engage with your organization. Take number of fans: I can’t tell you how many businesses measure the success of their Facebook efforts by the number of fans that they have. The problem is that this has nothing to do with the ultimate success of their social media marketing efforts” -says Krista.
Krista’s presentations will ensure that attendees leave ready to increase the success of their businesses with a few simple but powerful actions. If it’s anything like Boot Camp Digital’s social media training classes, they’ll be sure to find plenty of success!
While Canada may be far away for most of you, remember to check out all the amazing social media training seminars that Boot Camp Digital offers right here in Cincinnati!

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