Conference Social Media Speaker Krista Neher to Present at the AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo 2012

Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, bestselling author and internationally recognized social media speaker is honored to be presenting on how organizations can innovate and communicate with social media on April 30th 2012 at the 103rd AOCS (American Oil Chemists’ Society) Annual Meeting & Expo in Long Beach, California.

During this event, Krista Neher will share one of her most popular presentations: “How Social Media Impacts You and Your Organization”, which will showcase how businesses can leverage social media across an organization.

 This session will cover:

  • Social Media for Science Professionals
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Proceed with Caution

Attendees will leave this session with a solid understanding of how social media can benefit their organization.

Social media isn’t just about finding friends on Facebook – it can impact every aspect of your organization.  Your employees, customers, suppliers, partners and advisors are all using social media.  Attendees of this session will learn about how social media is changing the way we interact and communicate and how it impacts their business.” – says Krista Neher, Boot Camp Digital CEO.

The AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo is the premier global business and scientific forum on fats, oils, surfactants, lipids, and related materials. This event provides attendees with exceptional presentations, short courses, an exhibit, and networking with over 1,600 colleagues from 60 countries. This year meeting will feature a keynote address by Dr. Jackie Freiberg, leadership expert and co-author of NANOVATION: How a Little Car Can Teach the World to Think Big and Act Bold, and three other books.

In order to be successful in social media with a big or medium sized company there are usually a lot of different departments that have to be involved.  Since there are so many stake-holders it is important to think about how each of them may be impacted by social media, and to consider this as a part of your strategic social media plan and your training program.” – says Krista Neher.

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