Keynote Speaking: Entertainment is Just as Important as Education

I recently gave a social media keynote at a conference and had the opportunity to watch the other keynote speakers. Most of the other speakers were respected industry experts with great knowledge and sound advice. The problem was that they spent … [Read more...]

Using Contests to Generate Social Media Mentions at Your Event

Most event planners want to generate social media mentions at their event -- to build awareness and drive attendance for the next year. The challenge is always HOW to get people talking. I recently put on a social media marketing conference in … [Read more...]

7 Marketing Lessons from Kitchen Nightmares That Every Business Can Learn From

I recently started watching Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey. If you haven't seen the show, chef Ramsey is brought in to help struggling restaurants... he finds the problems and re-launches the restaurants. As I've watched him reposition a … [Read more...]

Are You in the Business of Getting Likes on Facebook?

No.  You are in the business of what you actually do....  designing sneakers, selling soap or offering accounting services.  Whatever business your in, that is what you actually do.  Unless you are in the business of getting likes or fans on … [Read more...]

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