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ama-brand-and-reputation-management-presentation-001Today I had the pleasure of  presenting to the Word of Mouth group of the AMA (American Marketing Association).  We had a great discussion about Online Brand and Reputation Management and social media.

Attached below is the presentation (note: coming soon – training on digital and interactive marketing topics).

A few key thoughts:

  • The internet is changing brand management – Brands control fewer of the interactions and touchpoints.  This calls for new marketing approaches.  Brands have to engage in an honest and transparent way to win over consumers.
  • Steps to Brand Management:
  1. Manage your brand. Be proactive.  Create accounts on social media sites to facilitate and engage in conversations.  Reserve your name of social media sites.  Decide your brand message and tone of voice and be consistent across platforms.
  2. Monitor your brand. Stay up to date on who is saying what about your brand.  Measure sentiment as well as mentions.  There are lots of tools ranging from free to expensive to help you do this….  check out Keotag, Trackur, Radian6, chatterguard and sentimentmetrics.  Many services offer free trials – give it a shot and figure out what matches your brands’ needs.
  3. Engage, Participate and Respond. Respond to positive and negative comments.  Build an active community of enthusiasts who love you.  Be transparent and friendly to those who are negative; offer an explanation or help.


I really enjoyed meeting with this group – especially the intense and lively discussion after the presentation.  Thank-you to the AMA for having me and to everyone who came and contributed 🙂


– Krista


  1. Awesome to hear you are taking the message of listening and engaging to the folks at the AMA. And thanks for including us in the preso as well.



  2. @David – Thanks for stopping by and commenting… apparently Radian6 works pretty well 😉

    @Debba/CWB – thanks for the writeup 🙂 You guys rawk. Was awesome seeing you there!

    – Krista

  3. Thank you Krista for sharing your time and expertise in presenting at our last Cincinnati AMA “Word of Mouth” SIG (we will be the “Interactive SIG” from now on) and loading your slide presentation here on your blog. You provided some great brand and reputation management resources, insightful case studies and takeaways and led a great discussion with about 35 marketers in the room (which isn’t easy). Thanks!

  4. Hilarie Joseph says


    Thanks for your involvement with AMA – great presentation at the Interactive (formerly Word of Mouth) SIG!

    Hilarie Joseph
    President, Cincinnati AMA

  5. @Rob – Great to *FINALLY* meet you 🙂 I’m looking forward to great content from the new interactive SIG.

    @Hilarie – Thanks for visiting my blog and it was great meeting you.

    – Krista

  6. We had a great discussion about AMA Online Brand and Reputation Management and social media.It’s nice media to help in upgrade brand management and marketing of any product by networking.


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  2. […] Radian6, webtrends social measurement or even something as simple as a google search.  There are lots of brand and reputation monitoring tools that may be relevant depending on the size of your brand, amount of time and […]

  3. […] out her complete presentation on her blog The Marketess. Interested in more information on blogging, marketing online, mobile applications/marketing, etc.? […]

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