How To Use Facebook To Market Your Event, Conference or Meeting with Facebook Events

I am a professional business social media speaker and I speak at many events each year.  Some do a great job of leveraging social media, others are still figuring it out.

Many event and conference organizers have started exploring the different ways that they can use Facebook to promote their events.

I have worked with a variety of event companies, and I have seen great results from marketing your event through Facebook, specifically, by creating a Facebook event.

What is a Facebook Event?

A Facebook event allows you to create an invitation using Facebook and display all of the information about your event.  Essentially, it is an invitation to attend an event that is displayed on Facebook.

Even if your event requires official registration on an additional page, where you charge, creating the event on Facebook can dramatically increase the visibility of your event.

Why You Should Create a Facebook Event

The power of Facebook is in the social graph. The social graph essentially lays out how we are connected to other people online.  The power of the social graph is that we are connected online to people who are like us.  This means that if one of my Friends is interested in something or attending something, there is a greater chance that I will be interested in it.  That is the social graph.

The power of Facebook and events in the social graph is that we can see what our friends are doing on Facebook, and the events that they are attending.  So, if I see that a few of my friends are attending your event I might go check it out, because if my friends are interested than I am probably interested.

This is the power of a Facebook event.  It builds visibility with the FRIENDS of the people who say that they are attending.

How Facebook Can Promote Your Event

Facebook helps promote your event because it shows the FRIENDS of the ATTENDEES that they are attending the event.  This helps build awareness with an ideal prospect.

In addition, Facebook allows attendees to see who else is coming, which can increase the overall interest in an event.

Key Features of A Facebook Event

Facebook events have a number of benefits, as described above, but I also wanted to share some of the key features of the event.

  • A custom page for the event – that can be viewed by anyone on Facebook
  • The ability to invite people – directly from your fanpage.  Attendees can also invite people.
  • The ability to see who is coming – which can generate initial buzz and excitement
  • Comments – allows people to interact with the event
  • Message attendees – directly within Facebook
  • Share Photos & Links – with additional details about your event

What are You Waiting For?

Start growing your event by harnessing the power of social networks.


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