3 Ways Professional Speakers & Meeting Planners Can Use Social Content to Build Their Brand

These days, when it comes to social media marketing, it’s all about content. With the amount of people and businesses that are online today, you are going to have no hope of getting your brand heard unless you post content that is relevant and interesting to your fans and followers.

Creating the right sort of content can be particularly difficult for professional speakers and meeting planners – no matter what kind of conferences you speak at or plan. So since we have plenty of background experience in this area, we’ve put together a few tips for you to keep in mind when it comes to using social media content to grow your brand – turns out content marketing isn’t that hard if you plan out the steps!

#1: Use Descriptive and Visually Appealing Pictures on Your Website and Blog Posts

The way people share your content and information about your website today is through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular networks. And the only way people are drawn to those links is through pictures. When it comes to Pinterest, if someone is going to re-pin one of your articles, they’re going to want to match it up to a picture, and the same goes for Facebook. If you use a memorable image, or have a picture that explains what your article is about (like the one we use here) your content is much more likely to be shared and read – therefore, building up your brand and spreading the word about you!

#2: Engage With People on Visually Focused Sites Like Pinterest and Instagram

It seems like everybody these days is hopping on the Pinterest and Instagram bandwagon. So if you’re going to use these sites to build awareness for your speaking business or your upcoming conference or meeting, you need to build a following. People aren’t just going to follow you naturally… you have to be active on these networks by following, liking, and commenting those people and brands whose interests are similar to yours. Then when you start building your own content, you’re much more likely to have a loyal band of followers who will want to help promote you!

#3: It Should Be All Show and Not So Much Tell

If you want people to know you’re great at what you do, your instinct is probably to probably shout it from the mountaintops (and by mountaintops in this case, we mean Facebook, Twitter, and the like). But people aren’t just going to automatically believe you’re great at what you do. So if you’re a talented speaker and you present at huge conferences across the country, upload photos to your social media channels and your website to prove it – people are going to be much more impressed that way. If you are planning an exciting conference or upcoming meeting, post pictures of ones you’ve planned in the past or of upcoming speakers or presenters! Get people excited by showing them what you do!

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll definitely be off to an incredible start when it comes to using content to build up your brand. But obviously it’s not that easy, and we’d love to help! Check out our social media content marketing training to learn the simple steps to building a results-oriented content marketing plan!


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