10 Reasons Your Company Should NOT be on Twitter

OK, so first of all, I do LOVE twitter and am an active twitterer (@kristaneher).  BUT when it comes to companies not everyone belongs on twitter.

1. You have no real reason for being on twitter.

This probably isn’t news, but in the world of marketing, you probably shouldn’t do anything unless you have an objective or goal.  Lots of companies “want to get on twitter” (and facebook and blogs) but don’t take the time to start with an objective and THEN determine the appropriate medium.

2. You have nothing interesting to say.

Come up with content that is interesting for your twitter account.  What areas related to your company is your target audience passionate about?  What content would actually ADD VALUE?  I got followed by a window company who talked about themselves.  Why would I follow them back?  Why did they follow me?

3. You are going to spam people.

If you want to use twitter to spam people don’t.  Spam on twitter can be defined as following a ton of people randomly or auto DMing links to your company for no apparent reason other than self-promotion.

4. You have never personally used twitter.

Seriously.  Make some time and create a personal account first (you can always delete it later).  Take note of what people do that you like and dislike and apply that to your company.

5. You aren’t going to follow back.

It just looks lame when companies get on twitter and don’t follow the people who follow them.  If people want to engage with you FOLLOW THEM BACK!!!

6. You are going to ignore the account.

Social media is about a relationship not a one-night-stand… plan to be in it for the long haul.

7. You are only going to talk about your company.

Unless people REALLY love your company (which they don’t) you should talk about something related to your company that is interesting… Again, why would someone want to listen to you.

8. You don’t like conversations. You want to talk at people.

If you are going to play on twitter you have to be open to two-way conversations.  Respond to people and talk to the people who follow you.  Don’t talk at people, talk to them.

9. You take but never give.

Give back.  Retweet.  Link to interesting articles (by people other than yourself).  The more you give back to the community the more you will get out of it.

10. You don’t want to talk to your customers.

Don’t join twitter if you don’t want to talk to your customers.  They’ll talk to you and expect you to talk back.

Too many companies jump into twitter because it is the hot new social media thing….. Before getting on twitter stop and ask yourself why you are joining and what value you will be adding to the community.

Check out companies that are doing it right like:







  1. Great Post Krista, Gotta love twitter!

    Darin & Lisa

  2. Hi Darin

    Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

    – Krista

  3. First, I LOVE your blog. (content and design)

    Second, Thanks for invite on twitter.

    Third, I agree with your points on what companies should not do on Twitter. However, I think most brands can develop a coherent and effective twitter strategy that delights consumers and delights business managers with P&L responsibility–I’m trying to crack that nut right now on my brand.

    Fourth, You seem smart, experienced, and thoughtful. I look forward to absorbing some of your brain waves through Twitter and this blog. Great work. Maybe we could meet up in the Nasti Nati sometime in the coming weeks. I’d love to learn more from you.

  4. Elliott

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂

    As a former P&Ger I was very excited to see you guys getting your feet wet with social media.

    Brands can definitely do an excellent job on twitter – when done right. The key is showing a commitment and making it as a strategic choice.

    Thanks again for your comments, and we should definitely connect… I’ll hit you up on twitter!

    – Krista

  5. Great post Krista! New to your site, but am diggin’ what you’re putting out.

    I was at a local Ad Club meeting this past week and they had a keynote by the guys from AndiamoSystems whose business it is to help track your company throughout the social media-sphere. Really great stuff, but nothing really can replace going out into the trenches and interacting with your own community.

    Unfortunately I think there were some people there who missed the whole point of playing in this sphere and instead were thinking of Twitter and the like as a way to push content in a traditional sense instead of engaging in conversation. Wish I had access to this post earlier in the week!

    Kudos from upstate NY!


  6. I love to use Twitter whenever i want to know the latest buzz about my friends. I also use Twitter to know the latest buzz from famous persons *

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