Shift Your Focus to Thumbstopping Power and Get Digital Results

Think about your own mobile social media use. That thumb gets a workout, doesn’t it? It’s incredible how fast you can scroll through content.

Digital marketers spend tons of time trying to get the results they need. But they’re focusing on the wrong thing. It’s not about how often you post or what time of day. It’s about WHAT you post and why. Hear me out on this. The metrics don’t lie.

What exactly does “Thumbstopping Power” mean?

Literally speaking, “thumbstopping power” means the power to stop a social media user from scrolling and pay attention to what you’ve posted. Creating content with “thumbstopping power” means different things to different marketers, though.

It could mean you focus on eye-catching graphics. Videos is another great way to boost engagement. But even within those mediums, you have to consider the exact message you want to convey and how quickly and clearly you can get there.

Instead of spending tons of time designing a posting schedule, spend five extra minutes on every post you make, optimizing it.

My Digital Content Optimization Master Class takes a deep dive into making every piece of digital content you publish the very best it can be to get the results you need.

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