1. Great post, Krista. It’s really important to target strategic audiences — those that could make or break your organization — and then segment them. This helps with all public relations/communications planning, including social media strategy development. It’s very effective to work with key influencers, or thought leaders, in your target audiences. Thanks for your thoughts

  2. Hi Mike

    Thanks for the comment – I really appreciate your interest in my blog 🙂

    I think that your comment is right on – knowing and segmenting your target audiences is key. know that you are doing great work in that area.

    – Krista

  3. Thanks for sharing these great tips Krista! I’m very interested in the concept of community management and glad to see that some companies are at least beginning to explore the possibilities in marketing – recruiting.

    Moving from using social networks to recruit to building “Talent Communities” is likely the next step for savvy companies looking to connect with and recruit top talent. Your tips make perfect sense in that arena as well.

    Also, here’s recent post on Communities that may be of interest in case you didn’t see it:

  4. We both must have had strategy on the brain today. I really like how you’ve related it to community management, something, as you know, is near to my heart. Good stuff here.

  5. Jennifer – Thanks so much for the comment. I think that you are right about Talent Communities. I also appreciate the link that you shared – it is really interesting.

    I recent read somewhere that the title of “community manager” is kind of lame – who wants to be managed? Perhaps a better name is community connector or something.

    Daniel – thanks for the comment 🙂 I appreciate it.

  6. Hey there,

    I was checking you out and noticed that your Krista Neher site appears to be outdated – last post was a year ago – you have so much to say and I think you should say it everywhere 🙂

  7. m..

    Thanks 🙂 I need to update that site (I made it in my first days of getting online). It is intended to be a static site, but I definitely need to refresh it.

    I’ll probably include feeds from this blog and the BootCamp Digital blog.

    Thanks for keeping in touch!

    – Krista

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