Is Blogging Still Important?

A few weeks ago I gave a social media keynote presentation to a group of business owners, and I was asked if blogging is still an important part of the social media mix.  This is a common question that I get when giving social media presentations, since there are so many sexy social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and interest in blogging seems to be declining.

As I was reading New York Times Magazine yesterday, I came across an article about a Mommy blogger who receives around 100,000 hits on her site per day as she blogs about everything from her family, her job, her kids, her pets or her life as an ex-Mormon. This amount of traffic is a number that every blogger strives for! Coming from woman who blogs daily about her everyday life, businesses should be working to do the same with their corporate blogs. In my social media speaking presentations, I talk about the importance of a blog for businesses, large and small.  Here are a few reasons why blogs are an essential tool for your company’s digital marketing plan!

1. People Like Original Content…and so do search engines

People read publications, blogs and other written content because it’s an insight other than their own.  People read for guidance, assistance or just a general understanding of a topic.  Blogs are such a great tool for your business because you provide your audience with information about what your business does as well as providing insightful information and tips relavant to your product or service.  In my speaking, I emphasize that the information is original to YOU and only you.  Therefore, you should create content that potential clients will want to read about.  Also, many search engines are programmed to surface blogs that contain valuable rich content.  In sending out this new, informational content, your blog is put at a higher standard for search engines.  So blog content rich and blog often!

2. Get Personal.

Blogs allow you to step off the pedestal for a moment and provide your readers with a more personal interaction. Blogs allow readers to comment on posts where the writer can then provide personal responses to these audience members.  This form of digital marketing creates that relationship that companies have with their audience and potential clients.  It gives the company personality and a way of showing your audience what you’re about and encouraging client-company interaction.

3. It’s Easy.

In blogs, you are providing YOUR insight. There is no formula for providing advice or expressing your opinion.  I mention many times in my presentations how easy this is and it might sound easier said than done but believe me, it is a lot easier than you think!  Share with your audience what you know and be the expert in your field.  In doing this, you are creating a professional reputation for your company and enhancing your exposure through frequent postings. Creating these frequent posts with lots of key words will increase your SEO and ultimately bring more traffic to your blog and your site. How much easier can it be!

How are you using blogging for your business?

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