#1 Tip for LinkedIn for Personal Branding

#1 Tip for LinkedIn: Create and share short tip videos to break-through the noise and build a deeper connection with people. These videos are quick, easy and WORK!

LinkedIn Videos are Growing FAST!

Video is growing quickly on LinkedIn. Videos are already the most popular content on most social networks and LinkedIn is no different. Studies show that videos on LinkedIn can get 20x more engagements and our own testing shows that they get WAY MORE VIEWS vs any other kind of posts.

Reach New People

What surprises me when I post videos on LinkedIn is that they get TONS of views from second and even third degree connections. This means that you can expand your reach and reach new people by sharing videos on LinkedIn.

Tell Your Story

Videos are great everywhere because they tell your story visually and allow you to build an even deeper connection with your audience. Videos can tell your story in an interesting and compelling way and showcase your personality.

What Makes a Good Video Topic

Share a tip, something interesting you read, a case study or an insight about something you saw or read. You want your video to be short (only a minute or two) so you don’t need a ton of content or a giant break-through idea. Think of something that others would find helpful – record a quick video and post it.


Seriously, stop making excuses. Just do it. Anyone can record a quick LinkedIn video and you will be amazed at the results. You can create a short video from your phone – no pro equipment required – just a good idea 😉

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Done is better than perfect.

Speak Your Mind


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