Using Contests to Generate Social Media Mentions at Your Event

Run a social media contest at your eventMost event planners want to generate social media mentions at their event — to build awareness and drive attendance for the next year. The challenge is always HOW to get people talking.

I recently put on a social media marketing conference in Cincinnati Ohio, and we wanted to make the event more interactive by encouraging our audience to share their experience on Twitter. In addition to sharing a hashtag, we created a number of contests to remind people to keep tweeting and to bring visibility to the event.

As a result, we were actually a trending topic on Twitter for the day 😉

In addition to including the hashtag everywhere, we also ran a number of contests including:

  • Best tweet from each keynote (selected by the keynote speaker)
  • Most interesting Tweet of the day
  • Best instagram photo of the day
  • Best quote from a speaker for the day
  • Most retweeted Tweet of the day

The result was that we had a variety of prizes throughout the day which kept the enthusiasm level high. Our prizes were small – Boot Camp Digital prize packs or a free book.

This is a strategy that can be used by speakers or event planners. As a speaker, you can encourage people to tweet about your presentation which brings visibility to both you and the event.

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Krista Neher is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a bestselling author, international speaker and a respected authority on social media and internet marketing. Neher has written 3 books on social media marketing including a leading textbook (which was one of the first on social media). She is also the creator of one of the first social media marketing accredited certification programs, and has worked with leading clients like P&G, GE, Google, General Mills, Remax and many, many more.