What NOT to do in Social Media – Amy’s Baking Company

This is just hysterical. It is probably the most entertaining example of social media gone wrong that I have ever seen.

The backstory of this is awesomeness is:

  • A few years ago the restaurant owner Amy was featured on a local news site for attacking a customer who left a review on Yelp (you can see the video at the end). (She calls the guy a TRAMP and a LOSER).
  • They were featured on Kitchen Nightmares where they were a complete disaster – they yell at customers, they scream at each other, they fire their staff (and take their tips) and generally appear to be insane. I normally don’t watch Kitchen Nightmares, but I watched the entire show you YouTube. It was an amazing train wreck.
  • After the show aired, they received more comments on their Facebook page…. Check out their amazing responses…. (apparently they also want to sue Yelp and are “taking the names” of people who criticize them on Facebook).

Check out their amazing Facebook page….



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