Visual Social Media Marketing Book

VSMMcoverThe web is becoming visual. Social media is visual.

You need a visual marketing strategy for your business to break through the clutter online and connect with your customers.

Visual Social Media Marketing will give you the knowledge, strategies, tactics and tools to create a strong visual presence for your brand online. Learn how to harness the power of Images, Instagram, Infographics and Pinterest to grow your business online.

Here is what you’ll find inside Visual Social Media Marketing #VSMM:

  • Strategies for success
  • Tactics to execute with excellence
  • Tools to help master your success
  • Case studies and examples

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Visual Social Media Marketing: Trends and Opportunities
  2. Your Image Strategy for Visual Social Media Marketing #VSMM
  3. How Images can Drive Your Website
  4. Powering Up Your Social Media with Images
  5. Social Media Images Case Studies: HubSpot & Pure Michigan
  6. Pinterest for Business
  7. Pinterest Case Studies
  8. Instagram for Business
  9. Instagram Case Studies
  10. Infographics for Marketing
  11. Infographic Case Studies
  12. Amazing Images that Get Results on the Visual Web
  13. Your Action Plan

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What You’ll Get With This Book:

Visual Social Media Marketing is about quickly communicating ideas and information in a way that breaks through the clutter. This book will quickly help you understand how to get results from the visual marketing opportunities that are exploding online. Inside the book, you’ll find:

  • An understanding of how images can supercharge your social media and internet marketing strategy and how
    to take advantage of it
  • How you can get more web traffic with a strong image strategy
  • How to get more likes, retweets, clicks and comments using images
  • How to harness the amazing power of Pinterest to grow your online presence
  • What Instagram is and how brands are expanding their online footprint with this powerful site
  • How infographics are breaking through the clutter

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