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Books By Krista Neher

Krista Neher is the author of four books on Social Media Marketing. When you book Krista to speak at your event she will be happy to include a book signing and provide you with a discount on books for attendees.

Visual Social Marketing for Dummies

People love Pinterest, Facebook, and the like for visual sharing and engaging. Smart marketers realize images attract your eye and know their companies need to tap into this, but where and how to start? Visual Social Marketing For Dummies offers a clear roadmap for creating effective, well-defined visual social marketing strategies as part of your overall marketing and social media plans. From defining goals to developing highly visual content across a range of social media platforms, this book is the perfect step-by-step guide to get you there.

The book explores Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, SlideShare, and Twitter, among many topics and resources, and includes useful examples from leading brands and companies across a variety of industries.

  • Helps you set goals that align with your budget and resources and then lay out a visual social marketing plan
  • Covers image-based platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine, as well as social media platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, and SlideShare
  • Explores visual tools, including infographics, presentations, and video
  • Explains how to track and measure the effectiveness of your visual marketing efforts

Make your brand stand out from the crowd with the information, tips, techniques, and examples you’ll find in Visual Social Marketing For Dummies.

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Visual Social Media Marketing: Harnessing Images, Instagram, Infographics and Pinterest to Grow Your Business Online

Visual Social Media Marketing is changing the way that we communicate online. This book will show you exactly how to harness the explosive growth of visual sites and social networks to get results for your business.

Over the past few years, the web has become very crowded and social networks are even more cluttered. Visual images have emerged as an effective way to break through the clutter and reach your audience online. It isn’t just about social media or social networks either. If you want your website or any of your online content to be shared or travel through the web, images should be at the forefront of your strategy.

This book will share with you WHY images are so important as well as HOW to create a comprehensive image strategy for your business online. In addition, we’ll also cover the key image tools and sites that can help your business grow. The tools that we’ll cover in the book are:

  • Instagram – a leading mobile phone social network and image creation site
  • Image creation – strategies and tools to create amazing images
  • Infographics – one of the best ways to share your story
  • Pinterest – the visual social sharing site that is taking the social media world by storm

You will finish this book with not only a strategic understanding, but also a tactical plan for how you can grow your business by using visuals.

Available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.

Print version: get it here.

Kindle version: get it here.


This bestselling book was written by Krista Neher in 2010 to help business professionals better comprehend and navigate the world of social media marketing. After training thousands of business professionals, Krista realized that there were many books covering specific aspects of social media marketing, but there were no books that included a comprehensive approach to the strategy of social media marketing.

This book is divided into two main sections. The first section covers building a strategic social media marketing plan. This section focuses on how to build a social media plan using a proven successful 8-step method. Many businesses don’t take the time to build a plan or have a strategy, and ultimately aren’t successful. This section helps you avoid this common mistake.

The second section covers the social media landscape. Many businesses think that social media is just about Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but there are hundreds of social media tools that can drive real results for businesses. This section helps businesses understand the entire social media landscape so that they can choose the tools that are most appropriate for their business objectives.

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Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach


Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach is one of the first textbooks on social media marketing. Published by South-Western Publishing, this book provides the learning framework for college students to understand social media marketing as well as a practical approach to implementing it. Krista co-authored this book which was published in 2012.

Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach promises to be the seminal textbook in the field with its distinctive conceptual foundation and practical approach to developing successful social media marketing plans. A proven eight-step social media planning model provides students with a cumulative learning experience, showing them how to construct social media strategies that achieve desired marketing goals.

This book was based on the model that Krista developed in the Social Media Field Guide, and includes a strategic planning approach as well as a detailed review of social media marketing tools.

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