Presenting to Realtors: How Realtors Can Effectively Use Social Media

In my experience speaking to thousands about social media, I’ve encountered a number of real estate agents who are working to implement social media in their marketing strategy.  With the real estate crisis, realtors are working to find ways to overcome this obstacle and regain their footing in the home-buying market using social media. The National Association of Realtors’ annual technology survey released in October reported that 84% of realtors and brokers are using social media as part of their marketing strategies and are seeing real results.  Many of the realtors attending my workshops have asked me how to apply these social marketing tools to their specific industry – real estate.  Here are a few frequently asked questions from realtors that may answer some of your questions about social media for the real estate industry.

    How do I attract potential clients?

The National Association of Realtors estimates 90% of homebuyers start their search online before contacting an agent.  How are you going to stand out from the other 84% of realtors using social media?  The key to generating an online presence is participating.  Sure, you can create an account for every social media site out there but updating and interacting with the users is important in gaining digital credibility.  However, do not blatantly advertise yourself.  No one likes being sold to – this is equivalent to a telemarketer calling you trying to sell you a new set of knives or someone going door to door selling glass cleaner – not interested… Interact with the community and provide useful information.   These interactions will be noticed and clients will start coming to you.  Attract with your content, not what you’re selling. From there, you can start building relationships that can eventually lead to sales.

    What kind of information should I be sharing on my page?

Social media is a great way to promote any events or showings that you might be holding because it reaches a large market of people.  As previously stated, 90% of homebuyers are searching the web for their homes and finding events is a great opportunity for customers to find out what they want in a house and explore the location your property resides.  Posting on your fan page or writing about it on your blog will bring traffic to your site attract potential clients.

Videos and photos are key features of social media that realtors especially would find the most benefit.  Streaming photos and videos of your listings is a great way for clients to see what you have to offer and can have a first hand account of a property.  If clients like what they see, they can follow up with you and you will develop that contact.

    How should I interact on these social media sites?

Instead of spamming customers to “buy your house,” offer advice that you often give to your clients when choosing a home.  The home buying process can be a difficult task and finding ways to make it easier is what every homebuyer looks for.  Engaging in conversation on social media is pertinent for the success of businesses using social media.  Spamming your clients will just scare them away.  Search for groups or conversations on LinkedIn or Facebook and offer your advice on the topic.  Clients will notice your expert input and trust your judgment, which could ultimately generate new leads.

Showing that you are an expert in your field is also great for recommendations.  If a social media user likes what you said in a conversation or your Facebook fan page caught their attention, they are more likely to pass your name along to someone they know who might be in the market for a home.

    What other resources should I be aware of in terms of social media for realtors?

The best way to expand your knowledge in your field is by learning from others.  Interact with other experts in the real estate realm and see how they are working themselves in their area.  There are a number of social media sites designed just for realtors such as The Flipping Pad or ActiveRain.  Joining these sites will help you build contacts with other experts who can offer great advice about what is working for them – especially in terms of digital marketing.  LinkedIn is also a valuable networking tool when connecting with professionals and a lot of conversation opportunities are available on this site.

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