Marketing Tip: You Don’t Get Ahead by Doing the Same Thing the Same Way as Everyone Else

In marketing, a lot of the time we look at what other businesses in our industry are doing, and we all tend to follow the same playbook. We follow the same rules and use the same tools. The problem with this is that you don’t get ahead in business by doing the same things, the same way as everyone else. You get incrementally better results by doing things differently.

Be Different — In All of Your Marketing

To get better results than your competitors you must do things better, smarter, faster, cheaper, (something that ends with an er) than your competitors. This is challenging because it requires us to think outside of the box.

When I was running marketing for an internet startup, I built up this way of thinking. Not because I was smart, but because I couldn’t afford to spend money and not get results.

We started this at conferences and events. We couldn’t afford booths so we did Guerilla marketing at the event — we’d do things like handout information to people in the registration lines or figure meet people on their way out. We hustled and we were smart about where we spent our time.

This is Important for Social Media – Be Smart

This is true in Social Media too – most of the businesses that I work with wait until their competitors are using a social network, and then they basically do the same thing. This isn’t how to get ahead. If you do the same things the same way you get the same results.

Be creativer.

Be smarter.

Be faster.

Be better.

Be interestinger.


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