How to say YES to every request! (SERIOUSLY).

A lot of business and entrepreneurship advice is about saying no. Control your time and manage what you work on by saying no to more things. I say – SAY YES more. In fact, say yes to everything!!!!

If you are a successful business owner, speaker, coach, author or even just an industry expert you are probably often asked:

  • Can I pick your brain?
  • Can I buy you coffee?
  • Can I get your advice?
  • I’m having this problem – HELP!
  • I’m looking for a job?
  • Can you help me network?
  • How can I BLANK

If you want to run a successful business YOU DON’T HAVE TIME to answer all of these requests – and it will detract from your paying clients. So what do you do – let them down gently? Find a nice way to say no?


BUT – include a task for the person to complete first.

Depending on the ask and the person, I usually say – YES – I would love to help!!! Then I give them a small task to complete first. Check out the blog posts I wrote on this and tell me your biggest takeaways or questions. Find 10 people on LinkedIn that I can connect you to.

99% of people won’t complete the task.

The ones that do – those that are willing to invest their own time are worth you investing in. This is a win-win.


I have a program called Digital Marketing Insiders where I answer questions every month for our members and it is only $27/month. So, you want my advice on how to do something or help troubleshooting? Join for a month and ask me on the call.

Look, if someone isn’t willing to invest $27, do I really want to invest my time and energy in giving them free advice? It isn’t so much about the money it is about 1) Having them invest something before I do and 2) Channeling my time to respond to all of these at once. Even if you don’t charge, doing an open Q&A call live on Facebook or something can be a great way to channel these (and create content for you!).

What I’ve found is that 90% of people aren’t willing to invest anything – time or money – when they initially ask for free advice.

If you are like me and you hate to say no, this allows you to always say yes – guilt free and without wasting your time 😉


  1. Hello my dear friend

  2. Jennifer McClure – this was inspired by your question 😉

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing your great tips!

  4. I do agree – great idea; ‘ask’ for a small task!

  5. So true. Yes and …. Is so good.

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