How I Started a 7 Figure Consulting Business Working 4 Hours a Week in my 20’s (and you can too)

***SPOILER*** I didn’t and you can’t.

I’m so sick of seeing these ads on Facebook. Who the heck falls for them anyways? And how I am in the demographic that they think would?

Ask ANY entrepreneur of any age who started a business that was really successful and what they will tell is that it takes lots of hard work, a little luck and a ton of time.

It isn’t easy.

There is no magic formula.

Most people will fail.

There are no easy answers in this life. No magic weight loss pill. No “secret” to social media that will get you thousands of fans. No formula for building a million dollar business.

The truth is I did start a 7 figure business in my 20’s.

But it was hard.

I work hard. I win some and I lose some. There isn’t a magic formula. I have hard work + some luck + some good choices + some bad choices = success over time.

There isn’t a magic business success formula.

There are things that work, and things that don’t. There are breakthroughs that can accelerate your success. There are strategies that are likely to bring results.

But there isn’t a “SYSTEM” that guarantees success.

If it was easy…

Honestly, if these people could build million dollar businesses so easily with a blueprint they would have more million dollar businesses and less crappy “get rich quick” products. I know tons of super successful business people – they all work extremely hard. They don’t buy an e-book from a social media bro and suddenly figure out the secret to spending their lives on a beach and making millions. I think the only thing these “how to start a million dollar business” people have figured out is how to sucker people in to thinking it is easy.

Whether it is building a social media following or creating a new business, there are no shortcuts.

Put your head down, work hard and you’ll get results. That is the secret. It is hard.

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