How Big Brands can be More Competitive: Corporate Speaking Presentation

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a Fortune 500 brand team about how they can use social media marketing for their business. The brand that I was speaking with had a smaller budget, and despite being with one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies, they were an underdog in their category and had to wrestle the 500 pound gorilla.

What I loved about giving this presentation was that big brands are used to trying to solve problems with ad agencies and scalable solutions. BUT the big opportunity for this brand was actually to act like a small brand. They needed to respond and engage with their customers, not create more pretty Facebook pages.

This presentation was a great opportunity for me because I was able to create a customized presentation specifically to address their opportunities.

Here were some of the big takeaways:

  • Stop thinking like a big brand. Pretend that you were a small business and EVERY CUSTOMER MATTERED. How would you act differently?
  • Be nice to people. Seriously. Just look for opportunities to do real, genuine, nice things for your customers. This should be easy. If you have to ask me how to be nice, we need to have a different conversation.
  • Don’t make it YOUR game. It doesn’t have to be your game. Rather than trying to create your own events and promotions, set aside a budget and make an effort to sponsor what the community is already doing.
  • Respond to people. It isn’t OK to not respond to people on your blog or Facebook page. If you are going to ignore them then TURN THE COMMENTS OFF. It is VERY frustrating when YOU create an asset that allows people to comment or ask questions only to ignore them.
  • Be interesting. Seriously, just be fun and interesting. There are some brands that do a great job of this. Look at your content through the eyes of a consumer. Why would anyone care?

The presentation was interesting and engaging and best of all, the brand left with a to do list of simple things that they could do immediately. I love these kinds of presentations because the brand was already doing a lot of social media (mostly through their digital ad agency), but they needed an outsider to inspire them to do better.

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